My Parenting Mantra for Weaning #Momology


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We all know various age-old pearls of wisdom, around the right communication or and how it can enhance a relationship. Be it with your friends, relatives, Spouse, baby or a toddler. During the early developing age, kids are like sponges, they absorb each and everything they see around. They have curiosity and eagerness to learn and express. A child is innocent and believes in goodness. Always having good communication with a baby or a toddler benefits both the parent and the child. And telling them to be good, happy, and positive helps build a great foundation for a good human being. 

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What is this that I communicate with my baby?

My secret and most effective Parenting Mantra that comes handy every day is a Good long chat with my baby. He is a preschooler now, and has a lot to say and express, and a good communication time helps. I recently started this practice when he turned TWO, two months back. I was planning to wean him, but after all efforts, we were unable to drop our last feed of the day. Actually night. The night-time feed was difficult to drop. Well, this was my short term goal for this year 2019.

I never wanted to try any oil or ghee or balm to distract my son, breastfeeding was after all our special bond. I  always wanted a natural and comfortable way for both of us and what better than explaining him right. So, in all my trial and errors, we started this fun exercise, where we have a talk, even something silly. 

With a good talk, I do not mean the usual conversations happening the entire day.

This is apart from our daily activities. One thing we ensure every day is to talk about our day, our feeling. Anything that is happening around or he may wish to talk about, I basically listen and give him direction or answers as the case may be.

So, basically during the 24 hours, we spent at least an hour where he has my full attention. Normally this happens at the end of the day, when we are on the bed and trying to catch a night of sleep. We do whatever he likes. We basically start an activity and start connecting things. For example, asking him questions about his day? What did he do? Did he enjoy that? etc

And there are so many changes, for good!

I have noticed a huge change in his personality since we started this activity. He not only has a better vocabulary now but has started expressing himself well. It helps take out any frustration or sense of anger he might have with anything. Along with that, he feels calm and ready for a good sleep. He doesn’t need anything else to calm him down (read Mumma dudu). 

Yes, that the most important part of this exercise, that he is now weaned. Weaned happily, without any cries or pain.

After 2 years, 1 month and 11 days of breastfeeding, my son is now looking forward for ‘OUR time’ and not ‘Mumma dudu’ to have a Good Night Sleep!

That’s my #Momology or Parenting Mantra, What’s yours? Do let me know in comments below.


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24 Thoughts to “My Parenting Mantra for Weaning #Momology”

  1. Communication is the answer to a lot of problems & a way to come out of difficult situations. Even I weaned Nemit around 2 yr & 4 months but in our case instead of me talking to him, his dad played that role. He would spend the whole evening with Nemit, doing activities, going out to the park then reading books to distract him not to ask for mumma and I would stay out of sight. They both even slept in a separate room for 15 days, after which he gradually accepted the change in routine. Loved your post, Gunjan!

    1. Tuggu N Mommy

      Thank you Neha, that’s so cool of your hubby to actively take part in such decisions. Kudos to you

  2. Communicating with your child is very important. It increases your bond with the child and he/she look up to you for discussing any expression.M y 11 years old daughter is still fond of sleeping in my room to share lovely stories.
    Thank you for participating in #momology.

  3. Bed time is our favorite time too- reading, talking and tickling are what makes it special. #Momology

  4. I agree with you Gunjan, bedtime is probably the most honest time we can spend with our kids and give them undivided attention. 3 years old are a big chatterbox – they newly learn to express themselves and just don’t know where to stop. It’s the cutest phase. Enjoy with your little darling!

  5. You have had one inspiring and joyful journey till now. I myself practiced some of the things you mentioned in your post. And yes, good night time is also our we time where my kids have my full attention.

    1. Tuggu N Mommy

      Thank you Anupriya for your kind words, glad to know about your ‘we’ time

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