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My Breastfeeding journey

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“Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey”

So as today during breastfeeding week (August 01-07), I thought of jotting down my journey and some moments.

First thing First: Breastfeeding Awareness

I was fortunate enough to be aware of the benefits of exclusive breast feeding infants. It was something I always wanted and had even promised myself, while i was carrying #LittleTuggu. I wanted to do my best to be on this journey till we both possibly can. 🤞🤞

Frankly, I have not given any thought on how long we will be doing it, setting any benchmark for an exclusive 6 months or 1st birthday wasn’t on my mind.

Something that came along: Breastfeeding Facts and Fears

Like all new first time mommies, I too had a lot of apprehensions if I am doing it right. While the journey started smoothly, we still had our ups and downs, moments of leaks, engorgements, hunger pangs, super thirsty throat and we did what best we could have done. With late night pumping, various feeding positions, healthy eating, googling up all possible information and thankfully our journey is a happy one and it still going strong at 19 months 😊. Yea! it is long, I know and I have no regret to even continue doing it for few more months.😁

I continue to do it till date because I feel that it right for my toddler.

I can sense that he is comforted, and how ‘mumma duu-duu‘ soothes him through the teething phase or vaccination days. And not to forget this lovely BOND which I am sure, all #breastfeeding moms will understand!

Though there are days when we are almost weaned and then there are days when we are latched on most of the day, so I am taking this journey as T wants it. I keep hearing all the #gyan and #nuskhas to wean him off, but am in no rush to wean him anytime soon 😂 coz that’s the only time of the day he stays cuddles in my lap and not making me run behind him, instead, he runs behind me at times 😂😂

This is my Breastfeeding Journey, what’s yours? Do let me know in comments below 🙂


18 thoughts on “My Breastfeeding journey

  1. Mother’s milk is great for babies.. Awareness is very important for new mommies and you should prepare yourself before . These two things are very necessary..

  2. Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing… I agree I was in an impression that it is weird and old fashioned… But now that I know it’s benefits, i always tell people how amazing it is!

  3. You are a wonderful mom buddy and yes there is nothing as powerful as a mother’s instinct in deciding when or when not to wean your child off breast milk.

  4. It’s do important for kids to grow with mom’s care and breastfeeding..mine was good with my elder daughter but due to medical issues little one hrien ip on cow’s milk

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