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Three C’s of Parenting- A Strategic Concept #MyFriendAlexa

Three C’s of Parenting: The basics

Parenting your child, like any business venture which needs a lot of your time and efforts; love and care to nurture the mini you. The concept of the three C’s is a very popular concept for all marketers which takes into consideration 3 variables ( Customer, Company and Competitors) to explain a complete marketing strategy. Basis these 3 variables, the entire marketing strategies are built. On these lines, I have tried to derive the concept of three c’s of Parenting strategy

  • Care
  • Comfort
  • Communication

Just like the concept of Marketing, all of these 3 variables are dynamic yet fully dependent on each other. In case of any variable changes, it affects the other variables as well.

Please read more to know how I have found my Three C’s of parenting.

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Three C’s of Parenting: Care

Care is the first and most important variable of Three 3’c of Parenting. If the children grow up, knowing they are loved and cared, then they will develop a sense of security.

Three C's of Parenting, Blogging, My Friend Alexa
Three C’s of Parenting- Care

When I say Care, it goes beyond the practical sense of daily care that a child needs, like feeding, cleaning, changing etc. With the word ‘care’, I mean more of an emotional care. Providing the child love and care to support her emotional development. It shall also consist of acknowledging the child’s emotions; providing them with enough emotional love warmth that they would feel loved and cared.

Three C’s of Parenting: Comfort

The Children who get enough comfort, are ones who can predict their life better. They are the ones, who feel secure and comforted in their safe and secure environment.

Three C's of Parenting; My friend Alexa, Blogging
Three C’s of Parenting-Comfort

Giving them comfort isn’t only related to answering to all their needs and buying them clothes, blankets, accessories etc to feel the comfort. But it means providing them with a safe, engaging, a non-violent or low-conflict environment that they feel the comfort to observe, repeat and learn things.

Three C’s of Parenting: Communication

Communication is the most important variable if I could call it one, As it is important in every relationship, communication has equal importance when dealing with children. Your child needs you to talk, communicate with them, even if it’s their everyday routine activities and they get to learn so much from you while you do this.

Three C's of Parenting, My Friend Alexa, Blogging
Three C’s of Parenting- Communication

You don’t need to do the “baby talk”, with the young ones, this shall do more bad to them then good. Try communicating to them like an adult, in full sentences. This shall also help them in learning better communication skills and a good vocabulary from an early age. It is observed that kids who have their parents talking to them from an early age, also develop their expressive and receptive language skills much quicker. This even holds well, with teenage kids, explaining them well, and guiding them the pros and cons can help them make better decisions in life.

The strategic three C’s of Parenting is like a strategic triangle when integrated, sustainable parenting (read competitive) advantage can be achieved. Each child is different and has different needs. The parent needs to find these needs and accordingly work out their strategies. If children are supported with all these three C’s of Parenting, then they surely will develop strong skills and competencies that will last them for their whole life.

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