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Cloth Diaper Washing Tips and Tricks

Some tips to help maintain and washing  a Cloth Diaper

Cloth Diapers are like advanced versions of the traditional cloth nappies we have been traditionally using in our Indian houses. Washing a cloth diaper is exactly similar to these cloth nappies. It’s just the fact that cloth diapers are normally one-size diapers which can be reused till your baby is potty trained and can also be reused for the next baby.

Hence few tips and tricks can help retain its quality and texture just like new and would add years to its life. So, today I would share some tips on how to wash and maintain the life of your lovely cute Superbottoms Cloth Diapers which are always hugging your baby’s bum and making it adorable.

First and foremost, always rinse them properly as soon as you change the dirty diapers. You may wash it immediately or store it till the next wash cycle. In case you are travelling or not accessible to rinsing/washing wrap them and store them in the wet bags (also available at Superbottoms website). In case of poop, dispose of the solids immediately and soak them in warm water to avoid getting any stains.

If handwashing the cloth diapers, soak the rinsed diapers with a regular detergent for some time before you start washing them like regular baby clothes and rinse them multiple times till the water comes out clean. When using the Washing machine, use the extra Rinse mode.


Coming back to some basics of washing a cloth diaper 

  1. Wash them like regular clothes-You may wash your cloth diapers along with other clothes in the washing machine and may also spin dry them. In the case of hand washing, it would be great to use good agitation so that the diapers are washed properly and free from any residue of pee or poop and the diapers are fresh enough for the next use. Don’t use a gentle wash or a heavy wash mode on your washing machine. Do not use a brush on them. In case you still have any stain, make a thick paste of little water and washing powder, apply and keep it for a while and then wash properly till the entire detergent is washed out.
  1. Make a wash routine. It would be advisable to wash them on alternate days if you can’t wash them daily. Not washing the used cloth diapers for more than 2 days may lead to mould build-up on the diapers as they would be wet due to pee or rinsing and it may affect their performance in the long run. In case you are travelling or not accessible to washing, wash them as soon as possible to avoid any unwanted build-up.
  1. Use the right amount of detergent. Cloth Diapers are considered very dirty laundry and hence using less detergent or less water will not make the cloth diapers clean enough for the next use. Also using more detergent will lead to detergent built leading to problems in absorbency. The durability of soakers will also depend on your wash routine, so ensure you wash them clean with enough detergent and rinse enough.
  1. No Additional disinfectants: just ensure the diapers are washed properly and there is no detergent still left (you can see the water in the last rinse coming out clean with no detergent froth) and sundry them to disinfect. Any additional disinfectant like Dettol is not recommended on cloth diapers. The additives on Dettol can cling to the fabric and cause irritation to the baby’s soft and gentle skin and may also affect the absorbency of the diaper and soakers.
  2. Choosing the correct detergents: Use the regular detergent you use for washing other baby clothes or your clothes. Avoid using any liquid detergents, cloth softeners and soap bars. The liquid detergents contain softeners and additives which are not recommended to wash the cloth diapers. As said above, they may leave some build-up or leave a residue which may affect the absorbency and may cause rashes or irritate the baby’s bum. Though Rustic Art little laundry is recommended, if you find it expensive you may use any regular detergent like Surf excel or Tide Orignal. Ensure that the detergent powder you use is fragrance-free.
  3. Show some Sun– It is super important to show your cute little cloth diaper some sun. It will not only dry them out completely but will also disinfect them. In case you feel the diapers feel hard once Sun dried. Then you may keep them out for sun and once dried bring them in shade. Don’t leave them in sun for long. I just crush them with my hand when they turn hard. Like you are rubbing something and then they are back to being soft.

Also don’t forget to read the manual which came along with your Superbottoms diapers, so you do not miss any specific instructions in case need to be followed.

I hope this would help you in cleaning and maintaining your lovely Superbottoms diapers and accessories.

Do let me know in the comments below if you have any questions. I Would be glad to answer them for you.

Thanks for reading!

Take Care

Gunjan <3

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