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Quick Tips to find the right Baby Carrier Fabric

Full buckle Baby carrier have made quite a splash in the world of baby wearing. Soul Slings have also come up with affordable pricing and an impressive range of designs, prints, colours and fabrics, and thus have become one of the recommended carrier when people ask ‘which brand of carrier do I need’.

But, when we have so much to choose from people ask you so many questions too. With so many fabric, print and pattern options, some questions that come along are ‘What is the difference between these? ‘Which fabric is best for this season/my region’, and most important one ‘Which one should I get?’

Earlier available carriers by various brands were made up of sturdy canvas like material but these ergonomic full buckle carrier by Soul Slings are made from a fabric usually these are made up of various types of Cotton or Linen. Even less structured carrier types like a meh dai, ring sling or woven wrap, made from these fabrics are so soft and easy to break in making you reach an entire new level of comfort while carrying your little one.

Being a Soul Mate and having been in the position to own, try and wear different types of linen and woven cotton full buckle carriers, I thought I would do my best to explain what is all this fuss about and basically what is the difference between these types of fabrics, and why One should consider a full buckle carrier made from a softer fabric than what they are usually available in.

With the availability of three Soul Full buckle carrier options, in some ways there is no difference. They are the same carrier in essence- as they have the same size, the same measurements, the same adjusters and straps and hood. They all have the same size of waistband length, and shoulder strap length. They all have a same weight recommendation. Also they all offer the same comfortable front carry position and a comfortable back carry position.

Yet, they are very different. Why? Because they are made from three very different fabrics, and that makes them different as each fabric has it’s unique quality.

So let’s do a quick check on how it works and how can one find the one for them?

Jacquard Cotton


The Fabric is thicker, softer and more textured than normal cotton ones, the new Soul jacquards comfortably help support a big toddler as easily as they cushion a tiny baby. The weave is tighter which makes it sturdy yet breathable and airy, making it easy and comfortable for summer baby wearing. These Jacquard carriers are amazingly soft just right out of the box and need no breaking in! you may start using it the moment you unbox it. Further being a 100% cotton fabric, it is very easy to clean and maintain.

The weave used on the this range, is a little looser weave than that used on some of the other carriers, so even within the same fabric type there are variations.

In the past, affording a full buckle carrier used to be out of reach for a lot of people. They were the ‘exclusive” range, twice the price of the standard carrier of that style and something many people coveted but few were able to own. Soul have smashed that out of the water, making these beautiful carries accessible to everyone, and offering an amazing array of colours and patterns. Good luck choosing just one!

100% Premium Linen

These ones are made from 100% linen fabric, Soul linens are way softer and are well known for their moisture-sucking ability and are ideal carriers for hot and humid climates and perfect for Indian weather.

I own a Full buckle toddler in print ‘Shine’ which is a strong enough for my toddler and has smooth fabric with golden threads creating a create soft and stylish carriers that is extraordinarily lightweight, sleek and airy. Soul has discontinued Shine in Full Buckle range but it is still available in

For linen carrier you can notice the difference right away. It feels sturdier and is smoother and softer to touch than the standard type carrier fabric.

I think the fabric being soft and thinner made it feel less bulky on hands too. The hood is thin, making it very breathable, it didn’t feel as hot and sweaty an hour or two later.

Hand Woven Cotton

This Full buckle has 100% hand woven panel, cotton base & straps. Our woven cotton Soul Full buckle is the latest addition to our soul slings Baby carrier collection. I always need a baby carrier to brighten up our golden and dark coloured stash. I figured out that a woven cotton full buckle would fill this hole nicely. And it really has.

This is one of my favourite buckle carrier from my entire collection. I like it the most because it’s so colourful and this colour always brighten up my mood. Also I also find it a very comfortable carrier. It’s a very soft and super floppy, softer than our linen one.

The stiffness of other parts like the shoulder strap and waistband is same as the linen carrier, which offers a nice and supportive carry.

The Jacquard Cotton full buckle is the cheapest of the three fabric options but that in no way means that it of any lower quality or a cheap carrier. It is way too brilliant and the colour options available are also so beautiful. The cost difference is due to the cost of fabric used.

So, the final question…which one do you should get?

Well, that something a personal choice. Yet keep in mind few of the tips and tricks

  1. If you stay somewhere hot or humid, and you are looking for wearing your child for longer lengths of time, then I would suggest you to go for a linen carrier
  2. If you stay somewhere in a colder climate, you may enjoy the softness and snuggliness offered by the these handwoven cottons.
  3. If you are staying somewhere that fits both of the above descriptions, then lean towards the cotton ones, they would easily fit both the climates.

However, I don’t think it matters way too much which carrier you decide on as they are all great and can easily offer you lots of snuggliness and comfort. Go for the one (colour and fabric) that is in your favourite colour or would suit your taste of clothes. At the end of the day, its gonna be your companion for long, so choose what catches your eye.

I hope the closer look and feel and the review would help you choose the right fabric for your full buckles. Don’t miss the part 3 of the series for more!!

Do let me know in comments below your personal choices or favourites or in case you have any questions, I would be glad to answer them.

Till then, Take care

Gunjan <3

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