Hi, I am Gunjan, the founder of this blog Tuggu n mommy

A coffee addict mom of a hyperactive toddler #Little Tuggu. I am either a superactive mom or a super lazy bum. I am either a  super active mom on my blog or at times I might have left it unattended and hungry for all that love, while I kept feeding, nursing and entertaining my human baby.

I am an Engineer and MBA by qualification but have a passion for creativity and writing, It struck me when Tuggu choose me to be his mom. Though this blog I aim to share my parenting Journey and how I learnt some parenting hacks with Experience and Research.  Along with that this blog talks about our joys and not such joyous moments of being a mom to my Little Tuggu.

I hope you will enjoy reading our posts!!

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See you there as well.. Chao 🙂