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Australian Aboriginal inspired art ideas for Kids

Ever since the lockdown started around the same time last year, my then three-and-half-year-old and I have been doing a lot of art and craftwork. So this entire month I am sharing all the fun art forms we have been trying. Today I am talking about “Aboriginal art ” an art form which is originated in Australia. In this post, I am sharing some Australian Aboriginal inspired art ideas for Kids.

Aboriginal artform is famous for its collection of small dots and has been around for over thousands of years. From rock painitng to now canvas, the Australian Aboriginal art work has been a lot. The early Aboriginal rock carvings and paintings date back for  over30,000 years, telling stories of the artists who painted them. 


the techniques used in aboriginal art

Aboriginal art is made using different size of dots and there are several methods used in making one. Aboriginal art includes dot painting, rock painting, rock engravings, carvings and sculptures or even weaving and string art. A variety of bright colours are used to draw borders using dots.

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