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Today, I am going to talk about the new Pamper Premium Care pant-style diapers. Pampers is a known brand (Since 1950, actually) and needs no introduction. As I am sure all of you know and agree, when it comes to our babies, there is nothing more important to us than a happy, healthy baby.

It’s always the best for my Baby

As a parent, this is a responsibility I take very seriously and therefore, I am constantly looking for diapers that help keep my baby as dry and as comfortable as possible. And we parents always choose the best products, isn’t it? Like all of you doting parents, I too, have always trusted Pampers pant-style diapers for my baby. As they are easy to put on and take off the baby.


Pampers Premium Care Pants

The best part of Pampers is that over the years, they have made efforts to improve and make innovations in their products. Products which were already the best in the market. Recently, they launched a new product, Pampers Premium Care Pants which is the softest variant of the existing product. Though the brand claims that it is exceptionally soft. #SoftestPampersEver, being the curious mom that I am, I decided to test it for myself before I could call it that. So finally, after using it for more than a week, here is my detailed review.

It really is the “softest” Pampers ever. 

Just like the brand claims, the new Pampers Premium Care Pants are really the softest Pampers ever. Be it the inside or the outside, the belt or the leg cuff area. The entire diaper is the softest diaper you might have ever touched. Moreover, the belt which is in contact with the baby for the longest time has a comfortable S-shape. This provides for easy movement and is extremely soft and stretchable.



Check the Breathability yourself

On the packaging, it was mentioned that the diaper had air channels that allowed the air to pass through. So I performed a quick experiment to check whether it truly was a breathable diaper or not. I poured a little hot water on the diaper and then placed the glass on top of it. It was surprising to see how the moisture passed through the diaper. Also, it was clearly visible on the glass kept on it. This clearly shows that these air channels work. These air channels evenly distribute the moisture content. And allow the air to pass through the diaper, keeping baby’s skin dry and fresh.

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Better absorption with these Air Channels

The diaper was also able to keep the baby dry for the longer period of time with its better absorption technique. In fact, I could easily see that after use, the entire pee was equally distributed across the diaper. And there was no heavy lump or sagging at the bottom.

Pampers Tuggunmommy
The New Wetness Indicator

Along with all better absorption, another super convenient highlight for me was the Wetness Indicator, given at the back of the diaper. It turns blue when the diaper is full. So you may just check by looking at it if it is time for your baby to have a diaper change. This means you can make sure that your baby never has a wet diaper on, that too without taking off his/her clothes. Be assured, the wetness indicator will do its job by reminding you in its own subtle way.

Protective Coating

Well, if you think that’s all, let me tell you another great feature of the new Pampers Premium Care Pants. The lovely fragrance, you would notice it as soon as you open the pack. These diapers have a coating of Aloe vera lotion which remains in contact with the baby’s skin!! And we all know how soothing aloe vera is, so I immediately felt assured. This made me more comfortable to use this diaper for my baby.

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Dispose-off smartly

Last but not least, the new Pampers Premium Care Pants come with a small disposal tape at the back. So, when it comes to disposing-off dirty diapers, you don’t need to roll them in a newspaper or use a disposal bag. The disposal tape is thick enough to hold the bulky diaper together. Whenever changing is required, just peel it off from the sides, roll it inwards, pull the disposal tape given at the back and stick one corner to another. And voila! It is done!!



The only con of this product I feel is the price of the diaper.

Yes, its price is on the higher side for sure. I normally get my diapers on a monthly basis from FirstCry or Amazon, which normally have a discount or a cash-back offer. For the XL size, Pampers Baby Dry Pants, I pay around INR 700 for about 56 diapers (approximately INR 11.5 per diaper). But these new Pampers Premium Care Pants offer 36 premium diapers for the same amount. So of course, they are expensive, with each diaper costing around INR 21. But considering the quality of the diapers and the new features, a Pampers Premium Care Pants diaper lasts for about 12 hours at a stretch. This means you would just need 2 premium diapers a day as against the 4-5 standard diapers, which makes it more cost-effective to invest in Premium Care diapers.


These Premium Care Pants are undoubtedly the best available diapers today, they ensure peace-of-mind that every parent or parent-to-be looks forward to. After all, who wouldn’t love a happy and comfortable baby. I have always been a Pampers mom and clearly remember that I bought my first Pampers diaper while shopping for my hospital bag. It is such a delight that the brand has improved their existing product and come up with this revolutionary variant.


Don’t Diaper your Baby, Pampers your Baby!

Have you tried the new Pampers Premium Care Pants? What has your experience been like? Do let me know in the comments section below.



24 thoughts on “Pampers Premium Care Pants: What all mums need to know”

  1. Amazing and beautiful post. Pampers is the best and trustworthy brand. Pamper Premium Care pant-style diapers is soft and delicate for the kids. Great thoughts.

  2. Pampers is so good for babies and kids..,Have always trusted Pampers for my kids. Very comfy and very convenient.

  3. Totally agree with you, Pampers premium care pants are undoubtedly the softest ever diapers we have used. Loved reading your review, it covered all the important points. And yes, these are a bit over priced but I won’t mind spending some extra bucks if am getting the best out of the lot.

  4. My son is out of nappies now but these look so good. I will keep these in mind when I have my next child

  5. I truely agree this pamper range is something all moms are raving about and yes i do agree it’s priced slightly on a higher side.

  6. I trust this brand for my daughter. Seems like this new and improved pampers pants because more effective

  7. Whenever I on my my India trip, I use Pampers for my little one. I cannot trust any other brand. Pampers are soft and gentle for baby’s skin.

  8. Pampers, no doubt is on of the best diapers and comfortable ad soft on my babys skin.. also there is no rash problem when i use these diapers as compared to others. Will surely try pampers pants .. they look super confy

  9. I’m pamper mom since my first child born and feel this is just a brand you can trust blindly …these new range of pants looks simply great for kids

  10. Seems like a good buy. I agree the pricing is a bit high but this diaper seems to be great for traveling especially as it comes with disposable tape and wetness indicator.

  11. Your review is so spot on. We tried these new premium pants out too and they are hands down the softest diapers I have ever used. Karma only wears during the night now but they keep her comfy and do not sag at all when full. Really happy with them! 🙂

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