Top 5 sensitive baby wipes to keep Tiny Tushies soft and clean

Best sensitive baby wipes

We all love our babies and ensure that they stay clean and fresh all the time. And one thing that always forms a part of my diaper bag is Baby Wipes. As they bring along so much ease and convenience in cleaning up. Whether you are changing a baby diaper or cleaning up after meals in public, you definitely need a wipe. While there are so many brands of baby wipes available in India today. Neither all are made the same way nor all of them are the best choice for diaper rashes. As a result, you need to ensure that you always use the best sensitive baby wipes.

Given that the skin of a new-born baby is very sensitive, you would not want to use any baby wipe that may give them a rash. Basically, all wipes look similar in appearance, but the difference arises in terms of the ingredients and fabric used. However, it is very hard to choose the best sensitive baby wipes for newborns or toddlers. Since there are so many brands available in the market today and each claim themselves be the best sensitive baby wipes brand.

Today, in this article, I will share with you my experience and Top 5 baby wipes. for sensitive babies, I have compiled this list from among the hundreds of baby wipes brands available in the market.

So, read carefully to select the best wipes for your little one.

Best sensitive baby wipes

1.    Mother Sparsh 99% water wipes

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If you are looking for something as pure as water and cotton, Mother Sparsh is the best choice. These water wipes are very mild and gentle as they are free from Alcohol and Parabens, hence suitable for newborns. These wipes are Hypoallergenic (No allergenic), pH balanced with extra moisture. Hence these sensitive baby wipes do not cause any rashes to baby’s skin.

It is important to note that Mother Sparsh 99% water wipes are made from plant fabric.  Since no polyester used, they are completely biodegradable.

Also, these water wipes contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which nourishes the delicate skin of your baby after every use. Apart from all these ingredients, it has 99% water, perfect for cleansing & maintaining hygiene of baby’s mild & sensitive skin.

If we talk about the packaging, the seal pack effectively locks the moisture and prevent the wipes from drying.


  • Plant-based fibre, No polyester
  • Fully biodegradable
  • pH balanced, hypoallergenic, and paraben free
  • extra moisture


  • Can’t think of any

These wipes are available on Amazon, Firstcry  and their website


2.    Mamaearth Bamboo wipes

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With a price tag of Rs 249 for 72 wipes, certainly, Mamaearth’s bamboo wipes are not cheap. But if your heart is set on natural ingredients, then you may want to try these bamboo wipes. These are made of 100% organic bamboo, which is soft and breathable. The fabric is strong enough to handle the worst diaper change situation. All this while, these baby wipes are soft enough to feel nice on baby’s delicate skin.

These wipes look good for daily regular use as these are a gentle blend of shea butter, aloe vera, almond and lavender oil. The pack has a protective lid that helps lock the freshness and moisture of wipes for longer making it travel-friendly.


  • organic bamboo baby wipes
  • 100% free from polyesters
  • pH balanced and hypoallergenic
  • A protective lid type opening


  • Not so wet

You can check them here on Amazon



3.    Chicco Soft Cleansing Wipes

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Chicco is a well-known brand when it comes to baby care products. But unlike their other toiletries, I have used only one pack of their baby wipes. I found that though these baby wipes are silky soft, the fabric is very thin. So, while they make a great hand and face wipes. But when it comes to cleaning a big mess down there, you may need a couple of wipes.

These wipes also contain Aloe -Vera and Chamomile. Those who aren’t aware, both of these are useful for skin softening and soothing dry skin.

Another good thing is that they do not contain parabens, Alcohol, SLS or SLES hence are chemical free. These wipes do make a good choice for sensitive baby wipes for baby’s skin.


  • soft and silky wipe texture
  • No parabens, SLS, SLES
  • Dyes and alcohol-free
  • Clinically tested on sensitive skins
  • Hypoallergenic


  • no plant-based fibre
  • highly scented
  • the fabric is thin
  • re-sealable cover fades over time

You can check them here on Amazon

4.    Pampers fresh clean baby wipes


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Frankly speaking, after having some not so good experience in the past with wipes. So, I try to stick to certain brands when it comes to something as sensitive as a baby wipes for my son. But I got to try the Pampers baby wipes when I got a sample pack along with the Pampers diapers. With recent changes in their product composition, this one is a mild and safe on baby’s delicate skin.

Again, these baby wipes are hypoallergenic but mildly fragrant with a refreshing smell. Pampers baby wipes are a lotion-based wipe, it has a soft texture that gently clean baby’s bum. These can also be used on hands and face and removes dirt easily.

The packaging is also good with a lid to seal the moisture and prevents drying out.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Soft and sturdy wipes
  • lotion based wipes
  • extra moisture
  • protective lid


  • No plant-based fibre
  • the pack comes with 64 wipes only

  You can check them here on Amazon

5.    Pigeon Baby Wipes

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Pigeon Baby Wipes are soft fabric with natural cleansing agent aimed to protect the delicate baby skin. These wipes are infused with organic ingredients such as Chamomile and Rosehip for moisturizing the baby skin. The presence of Chamomile and Rosehip should help to keep your infant’s skin very moisturized and soft.

The brand claims that it is made up of 100% purified water and there is no artificial fragrance. But I personally felt they are not very moisturising in comparison to the water wipes. Hence, I always end up using 4-5 wipes during each diaper change.

Though the packing looks good with an easy to use with single wipe popping out each time, But the re-seal cover glue tends to fade in time. This may be another reason for the moisture loss. I would have appreciated a better seal on pack. I have used a lot of baby feeding accessories from Pigeon and had very high expectations from this brand.


  • Alcohol-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Decent quality fabric
  • Cleanses the baby’s skin
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Travel friendly packs available


  • Not so wet
  • multiple wipes needed for a single diaper change
  • re-sealable cover fades over time

You can check them here on Amazon


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