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How to clean and Maintain the Soul carriers

We all love our Soul Carriers and find cleaning baby carrier difficult. While the full buckles and AnoonAs are preferred sturdy. And we should not wash them often. But it is recommended to wash and iron carriers like wraps, ring slings and meh dais, and accessories like blankets. At least once before use for optimal softness and grip. With use ,they will get even softer and snugglier.

So in this post, I shall talk about how we can easily clean our carriers and how to maintain the soft and shiny Soul fabric.

Lets talk about easy WASHING first:

All Soul carriers – AnoonA, Full Buckles, onbuhimo or even sling or wraps -either cotton or linen all of them can be spot cleaned as and when needed with a moist soft cloth. Lightly dab and rub the area wherein there is some spot noticed and air dry.

In case, you want to wash the entire carrier, you may wash it by hand or use the washing machine.


It should be noted that as the fabrics are hand-made fabrics hence they may bleed a little during the first few wash. So it is advisable to

  1. wash them separately for at least initial few washes. Also, you should wash each carrier separately at least initially, to avoid bleeding to colour from one fabric to another
  2. use a gentle detergent free of optical brighteners.
  3. for hand wash, try dipping it some cold water and wash it immediately, Do not dip the carrier for long hours.
  4. in case of washing you plan to wash it by machine- please use a gentle wash cycle or put the carrier is a mesh bag and put it in machine

To minimize the possible wear and tear, always remember to

  1. wash your carrier with any knots opened out,
  2. any buckles closed and rings covered by a sock or similar to protect your machine.
  3. You can also place your Soul product inside a mesh laundry bag or a pillowcase with the mouth tied shut during washing.

The DRYING part is also easy

We just need to line dry them in shade to prevent any possible colour loss of the Beautiful Soul Carrier and to preserve elastics.

The best part of Soul Carriers and Accessories is that everything is made with soft cloth which can be easily washed and dried. And it will be as good as new. With every wash and use, whether it cotton or linen, the shine, the texture and the fluffiness increase, making them even softer and snugglier. Just the optimal softness and the perfect grip, isn’t it how we like them 😉

But as its a cloth it may shrink a little or look crushed, so the best way to get them back in shape would be if we iron the carriers.

IRONING your favourite Soul products

Prefer Steam ironing your Soul carrier/blankets/bags or you may ironing while the fabric is slightly damp or just sprinkle a little water when you are ready to iron. This will help soften the fabric as well as remove the wrinkles caused due to washing. The brand particularly recommend it for the linen fabrics.

Pointers to AVOID doing

Please note that to avoid ironing any sections with padding, webbing, buckles, elastic or snaps as it may damage the padding inside.

Also, we should never dry clean or bleach our Soul product. Harsh chemicals can weaken the fabric and fade the colours. It is something close to your baby who may chew or lick the fabric and you would not like any chemicals.

How to STORE:

The Products are made of cloth and like any other cloth may be stored properly while not in use. When not in use for long periods, it is recommended to store your Soul carrier in the unbleached cotton storage bag provided.

In case you don’t have the string bag provided by SOUL with the Soul carrier, don’t lose heart. You may also wrap them in the soft cotton fabric while storing. Ensure that the wrapped cloth doesn’t bleed any colour or have any stain. It would be better if you wrap in a clean plain white cloth.

Don’t forget to read the manual which came along with your Soul products so you do not miss any specific instruction in case need to be followed with the specific product or visit to their website for more details on the specific product here.

I hope this would help you in cleaning and maintaining your lovely Soul carriers and accessories.

Do let me know in comments below if you have any questions. I Would be glad to answer them for you.

Thanks for reading!

Take Care

Gunjan <3

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