Fun Games, you can play anywhere #ChildhoodMemories

Featured post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian BloggersYou think, you always need some toys to play anywhere. Or if not that, then some paper or pen to keep the score count. Then you are totally wrong my buddy. There are be so many games- interesting and fun- wherein you don’t need anything. Remember how we use to spend time playing so many fun games In school, with few or all friends. 

Finding some time to let loose of yourself and play, not only makes you feel good, but it is just as important and relaxing like getting a good night’s sleep. Keeping that in mind, find here five incredibly simple yet interesting games that Kids and adults alike can enjoy. The best part of these fun games is that they don’t require any equipment, toys or paper and pen as I said, just some enthusiasm and a sense of fun. 

Fun Games for kids
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Ask Me Some QUESTIONS- Name, Place or Thing 

WHAT: A classic game encouraging deductive reasoning, by asking a series of questions.

HOW: One of the players thinks of an object and keeps it to his own self. He or she tells the other player/(s), whether it falls into one of the categories like -person, place or thing. It is then up to the other player/(s) to ask various/related series of questions, in order to guess what the object is. To make it interesting, there is a catch, that all the questions must be answered with either a “yes” or “no”. The final objective of the game is to figure out the mystery object in less than 10 questions. 

You can play this game with a minimum of 2 players

MIX IT UP: Try to have fun with any other category you may like -Fruits, vegetable, Animals, etc and make it kid-friendly.


Can you make me LAUGH

WHAT: A fun game that involves making other team member’s person laugh while you try not to laugh yourself.

HOW: Divide all the player into two teams, with at least two people in each team. One member from each Team is invited to sit in the “hot seat.” The team 1 has two minutes to make the person from the team 2 laugh. If the person from team 1 is able to keep a straight face for the full two minutes, He picks up a point for his team, but if cant or crack under the pressure, the points go the team 2. Same follows for team 2, in next turn, they would have to send a member and team 1 person would try to make him laugh.

You can play this game with a minimum of 4 players, with 2 members in each team. 

MIX IT UP: You can make it a little bit more challenging by having the person on the “hot seat” close his eyes. This will ensure that the other team member has to use his wit instead of making faces or doing a funny random dance.



WHAT: This one is an extremely easy yet fun, detective game. This involves guessing an object in the close vicinity chosen by another player.

HOW: One of the players thinks of an object that all of the players, can see around them and then he declares: “I spy, something with my little eye, and the first letter is ….” , the first letter of the word they are thinking of. Then the other players have to try to guess what the first player saw looking around with the help of the clue (the first letter).
You can play this game with a minimum of 2 players

MIX IT UP: Instead of giving the first letter as a clue you could mention any adjective that describes it.


TAG Me/Den

WHAT: This is again one more classic children’s chasing game. It is also fun for adults and is a perfect excuse to run a little bit and do some exercise while having fun.

HOW: One person is chosen. This person counts to ten and gives the other players, time to spread out and then he or she has to start chasing them. The Chosen player has to try and tap another player i.e TAG another person. Once he or she succeeds, the player who has been tagged becomes the “Chosen one” and the game continues so on. It is slightly different than the usual one, as the chosen person normally gets tired out tapping all the persons. the first tap and he is free. This is quick and keeps the fun factor in.

You can play this game with a minimum of 3 players 

MIX IT UP: You may try playing a shadow tag instead. This variation involves chasing behind to step on the shadow.


Don’t these games remind you of some fun childhood memories. playing around with friends. Do tell me which one you loved. I personally loved the make me laugh which I never won, but mind getting a chance to Laugh Out Loud for no reason.. 🙂


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  2. You know what, you really took me to my good old days. I feel so refreshed!!

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