Simple toys can give great learnings

Do you know playing with simple toys like a truck can help these little minds get some STEM lessons too.

Toy cars or trucks can do race, roll or even crash and these unpredictable street play promotes kid’s brain development by forcing some gross and fine motor skills together. In simplest sense kid’s learn,

🚚 how to move things around,

🚚 how fast or slow they can roll a toy car,

🚚 how they can change the movement with applying or releasing some pressure from their hand,

🚚 how to push or pull or stop a toy car or truck,

🚚 they also move on to learn how to open or close the door, moving the toy on tracks, take a turn, go ahead or reverse,

🚚 how different cars go on slides, like the heavy one will go fast and the lighter one will take a little more time. .

That’s how they work, their mind works and their hand do the task. I musy say all in all a good activity. So go ahead let them explore and learn from basic toys like cars or trucks. There is learnings from non educational toys too. What say??

Here #LittleTuggu is playing with his new #GarbageTruck .

Post his love for cars, construction vehicles, fire trucks, water tankers, street vehicles, he has now found new love for Garbage trucks and building his new truck stash.


I am still thinking what would be next?🤔

Do you have any suggestions, do let me know in comments below.

Till then, take care,
Gunjan ❤

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  4. Gurima

    Wow! This is Great, I wasn’t aware. of all such benefits. Thanks buddy

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