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High back carry with Soul Slings Onbuhimo (Review)

Perks of being a Soul Sling’s Soul Mate, I got a chance to try all kind of carriers. Some of them we loved at the first trial, for others, I think I still need a lot of practice. Though I love babywearing and different styles of wearing a baby up close give me so much positive high but there was something which resisted me to try back carry. I have always carried T in front or the hip. And hence it was only Onbuhimo which I had never tried as it is meant for high back carry.

So when Soul had a Sale going on last fortnight, I thought why not buy One. So I gifted ourselves this Soul Onbuhimo. And for the past two weeks, this is the only one carrier that me and T have been using, which is a big statement considering we own multiple carriers. And so, I thought it was about time I write a review.


So, What is Onbuhimo?

The Onbuhimo is a style of baby carrier that originates from Japan. It is a waistless buckle carrier with Perfect Fit Adjusters (PFAs) at the top of the shoulder straps. The term “onbu” actually translates to “back carry”. Hence, it is recommended for children who have sufficient torso control to support their heads and sit up independently. The big feature that sets the onbuhimo apart from other buckle carriers is as I said that there is NO waist strap attached to it! It is as simple as wearing a bag pack just ensure the baby get a good seat. So, it makes a perfect for pregnant women or a new mom who is still healing from her delivery or anyone who just dislikes the feel of a waistband on their belly.


Oh, so you find it easy now, but still can’t pronounce it? It’s really not that hard either. It is pronounced as “ On-boo-he-mor”

What is this carrier all about?

The Soul Slings Onbuhimo is primarily used as a back carrier but can be worn as a front carry as well. This unique, and convenient, style of carrier originated in Japan and is made without a waist belt! It is lightweight, breathable, and very portable can be easily folded and carried in into your bag for a day out. The baby’s legs go through the bottom of the straps (with thigh padding) and then you form a seat by tucking up the bottom of the panel between yourself and baby.

                                                                  Soul Slings Onbuhimo

An Onbuhimo is best suited to “arms out” carries, and the Soul Onbuhimo will work from the time baby is self-sitting and 7 kgs, right into toddler-hood with a max weight of 18 kgs. It’s quite adjustable and is a popular choice for caregivers of any size and shape.

Features of Onbuhimo

  • Fits 7-18kg approx
  • Suitable for front and back carries but primarily used as an arms-out, back carrier
  • Adjustable Hood for protection from sun and wind and to offer support while sleeping
  • Back/ chest strap with firm, supportive padding for optimum weight distribution
  • Elastic Loops to roll up and secure excess straps
  • Sturdy clips and fixtures and ample padding on the shoulder straps
  • Perfect Fit Adjusters (PFA’s) easily adjust the straps before and after the shoulder padding to each individual caregiver’s needs
  • Soft Body panel, with leg padding, provides a snug and airy fit with a supportive, wide seat.


Apart from the price difference with respect to other buckle carriers, what I really enjoy about Soul’s onbuhimo is:

Great padding- Good Padding support on both the shoulders and the bottom. The support at shoulders is super important when you are wearing a toddler in a carrier that only has shoulder straps, also the padding at the bottom supports your baby’s leg while he sit.

The generous panel size- both in height and width. My just turned 18-month toddler fits it well and we still have a room which will be great once he grows. Considering an onbuhimo is more suited as a toddler carrier, this is important as you will get a decent amount of use from it.

I will admit I am still an onbuhimo novice. I had always believed an onbuhimo was meant for an older toddler. One which can be used for quick up and downs, like the ring slings. I also believed it was only used for back carrying but recently I saw a lot of moms wearing their babies in front of an onbuhimo. Yes, we can front carry but without waistband support longer wear in front carry can be uncomfortable. But for quick and easy ups and downs, it is so much better than the full buckles.


When is the right time to start using a high back carrier?

Well it is supposed to be used when your baby has a sufficient torso control to support their heads and sit up independently and has a height of at least 80 cm. You may start wearing your kid in onbuhimo once he can sit independently or wait till your toddler starts walking. The choice is completely yours and should be based on how comfortable you or your baby are while back carrying.

I took a lot of time to mentally prepare myself and wear T on my back, as I always loved him in front carry which comes along extra hugs and kisses 😊 but while I gifted Ourselves this carrier on his one and half year birthday, I now regret trying it earlier.


So enjoy wearing your toddler. Still unsure which carrier would suit you well, you should learn about the right type, right fabric and right carrier which would suit you and your  baby. You can also read my detailed comparison of full Buckle carrier. Also its super important to clean and maintain your carriers as they would last you for long!

Happy Babywearing!! 

Do let me know in comments below if you have any questions, suggestion or feedback!!

Post Updated on 10/10/2019

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