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Quirky abstract art inspired by Piet Mondrian

If you are looking for some summer painting activity ideas for kids on a budget because of the covid curfews and lockdowns. Try this style of Mondrian inspired art for kids as it uses very simple supplies- paper (preferably white), regular colours and a ruler. Kids would love to paint and explore their creativity with this abstract art form.  As an abstract painting does not show intricate details of the painting, use various colours, shapes, textures and has fewer rules. Also, in this Piet Mondrian art form, the rules are the simplest yet result in beautiful artwork.

In this post, we are exploring a quirky Mondrian inspired art for kids. These are inspired by the abstract art made famous by famous Dutch artist Piet Mondrian in 1930s. Before we start this Mondrian inspired art project let’s understand the basics of his painting style. 

Mondrian inspired art for kids

Who is Piet Mondrian?

Piet Mondrian is a well known Dutch artist, best known for his abstract paintings. His painting involved horizontal and vertical lines filled with eye-catching primary colours. Mondrian’s ideas and work influenced a lot of artists. In fact, his paintings can be seen in lots of other things – from furniture to fashion! You may read and explore more about the artist at

Piet Mondrian, ‘Composition with Yellow, Blue and Red’ 1937–42
Piet Mondrian, ‘Composition with Yellow, Blue and Red’ 1937–42


Steps to paint a Mondrian inspired art for kids

  1. Start this quirky painting with an outer sketch ( say animals) without any intricate details of the face except eyes.
  2. Draw straight lines – both horizontal and vertical. There are no diagonal lines in a Mondrian style of painting. 
  3. Make some lines thicker using a marker and others thinner using a sketch pen or ballpoint pen to make it look more interesting.
  4. Paint using only primary colours (red, yellow, blue) in alternate boxes keeping few boxes empty.
  5. using a thick black pen or marker, make the eyes or any other small details you would like to add.

Points to remember – Avoid filling the same colour in sections right next to each other.


IDEAS to start a Mondrian inspired art for kids


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