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Theme reveal #BlogchatterA2z Challenge 2020

Due to lockdown, we all are stuck at home with the kids and they have nothing to do. Don’t worry, it’s easier to keep them busy than you think. Let them grab those crayons, paint, glitter and glue, glitter to let their creativity shine. You just need some ideas to spark the inspiration and get their ideas flowing. So help you out, and ease things. Today onwards, for this entire month I will be sharing some fun easy activities for kids.

Well, that revels the theme for this year’s #BlogchatterA2Z. Super Fun and easy activities for kids. These would be super easy DIYs and can be done along with 1000 other tasks you might be doing every day. Whether you are a ‘WFH- Work from Home’ parent or a Homemaker, I hope you would enjoy these activities. Also, these would help your kids to be able to keep themselves occupied.

Simple Activities or DIYs for Kids 

Also, there are tons of activity, craft sets, painting projects available in the market. But since, we all are stuck indoors, with limited access to the outside world, these sets might not be available to many. So, these easy activities for kids would be simplest ever with items easily available in each household. So basically, the entire month from Monday to Saturday, I shall serve you a recipe for happy kids. These activities will be in alphabetical order from A-Z.

easy activities for kids

One letter each day, 26 Days, 26 Alphabets, 26 Blog Posts with 26 Easy Activity ideas for kids.

The best of all, none of these activities would require any electronic device or an app, so you do not need to worry about too much screen time. So, stay tuned and keep checking this space for more, every day!

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