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The importance of right play in child development

Growing up is hard. Not just for the kids but for their caregivers as well. There is so much to worry about while a child is growing up. Right Play is one of them. Did you know that it is essential for the overall development of a child? It not only contributes to a child’s cognitive, physical and social development but also emotional well-being. It also offers an ideal opportunity for parents to engage and bond with their child. But today with rising inclination towards the digital platforms, free play has been noticeably reduced in most of the children. There are various factors that have reduced the playtime for kids and added to the ‘screen time’. These include a busy lifestyle, changes in our family structure and probably our increased attention to early learning and academics. While we can’t just wipe-out a screen from our life today, we can instead focus on the importance of right play in a child’s development.

importance of right play in a child development #GrowRight
Right Play- Right Growth

How Right play leads to the right growth in child

Being both mentally and physically active helps a child feel better in a lot more ways than we may think. It is generally observed that children who are physically active have better appetite and metabolism. They may also tend to perform better in school than kids who aren’t. Further adding all the food groups in his plate will ensure the child gets proper nutrients and has proper growth to stay healthy & disease-free.

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#GrowRight tips – A comprehensive set of guidelines for Right Growth

I recently got this opportunity to attend the launch of a new initiative #Grow Right by Abbott. The initiative is meant to support parents and help children grow to their full potential. The guild behind these tips comprises experts in paediatrician- Dr Samir Dalwai, nutritionist- Dr Dharini Krishnan and child specialist Dr Mukesh Sanklecha. All these experts including celebrity mom Lara Dutta Bhupathi were present during the launch. Together they addressed various parental concerns around toddler growth.

The expert doctors also shared how their research and frequently asked queries lead to the thoughts behind making these set of guidelines.

The #GrowRight tips define ‘Right Growth’ as a combination of physical, cognitive and mental progress that should be observed carefully and holistically during the foundational years of childhood. The main points discussed were how right nutrition, the right play, right nurture and right impact are the keys behind a child’s growth and development.

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Right play is a key to Right Growth in a child development #GrowRight
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Right play- Key to Right Growth

During the discussion, it was highlighted that Right play is the growing concern among parents today. With unchecked screen time and inadequate playtime, one needs to find appropriate ways to creatively engage with toddlers. It is important we understand the importance of right play in child development.

Dr. Dharini Krishnan very aptly said “During early childhood, the brain develops rapidly and is particularly sensitive to the external environment. It is alarming to see most Indian children not meeting the recommended level of physical activity. Through these tips, our aim is to help parents find an effective and creative way to engage with their toddlers.”

  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This adage has never been truer!

Every child needs specific stimuli, from the outside environment. This helps in the appropriate development of his brain’s neural networks. Outdoor play is also critical in helping toddlers absorb Vitamin D, which plays a crucial role in bone growth as well as improving the child’s immune system.

As per experts, it is suggested that a child gets at least 3 hours of play every day. Of which, at least an hour should be moderate to high-intensity physical activity.


  • Say ‘No’ to plug and ‘Yes’ to play

There are several studies which connect delayed development in kids with extended exposure to screens. During early childhood, a child’s brain develops rapidly and is particularly sensitive to the external environment. Parents can engage their toddlers in some creative free play and power-off screens.

The experts say that once a child is over 2 years of age limit their screen time, up to one-hour maximum. This should be done regularly to help a child understand the boundaries between the real world and the virtual world.

#GrowRight tips - A comprehensive set of guidelines for right growth

Let’s recognise the fact that as a parent we need to give importance to the right play in child development. We also must strive to create a balance in our children’s lives to create an optimal environment to help them #GrowRight.

importance of right play in a child overall development #GrowRight
Importance of right play in a child development

39 thoughts on “The importance of right play in child development

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  • I agree, the right play is extremely beneficial for kids. Thanks for this informative post for us.

  • Definitely the right play, the right nutrition, right atmosphere all are very important for a child’s growth. Great thoughts.

  • judy morris

    My son has Pediasure only and I have been seeing his growth consistently. these days kids are involved with so many activities and so they surely need more than just food

  • I always love reading such blogs where child, motherhood and child activeness is being focused.
    The blog is so very important for toddlers parents 🙂

  • jhilmildsaha

    A perfect balance of staying fit, active and proper nutrition is really important for the growth of a child.

  • This is such an informative post. Right kind of nutrition makes a huge difference. I too give nutrition to my kids to ensure they get all the missing nutritions.

  • Yes this is definitely what we are supposed to do as parents. Also limiting screen time is quite important. I don’t know why parents prefer leaving their kids on the screen all day.

  • What today’s children lack is outdoor activities.
    Which is necessary for good health and stamina.
    Again keeping them away from gadgets is another challenge.

  • Thats a lovely post. Kids learn a lot from play. Its very important for their growth and development.

  • So true we need to make sure our kids play harder ,n eat healthier to have perfect growth….

  • trendtofit

    Agreed, the right play, the right nutrition, right atmosphere all are very important for a child’s growth. Very useful post for mothers.

  • This one was a real informative post. Just that Pediasure too is not a full proof solution. Like in my son’s case, he is intolerant towards some nutrient that is present in Pediasure. So I cant give him this.

    • Gunjan Upadhyay

      Agree, it isn’t the only solution. A healthy balanced homemade meal/diet with the right amount of play is the key to Grow Right.

  • Thank you for the wonderful tips and for bringing awareness about this. A much needed topic for discussion

  • Mrinal Kiran

    I totally agree with you… Right play is very important… Outdoor activities help in overall development of a child… Right nutrition is also equally important!

  • An important post – and an important topic of discussion and information. Today a child’s development is easier than ever before with such brands helping mothers to make the best choices.

  • It is necessary for kids to grow right. These tips are good for new parents to keep a watch on kids growth.

  • shubhadabhide

    My SIL attended this event and was telling that it was very insightful. Such events are immensely helpful for moms I must say.

  • I totally agree with everything you said and it’s a must read blog post for all parents.

  • preety85

    I am giving pediasure to both of my girls and recommend other mommies too. I have seen a lot of change in my elder ones growth as she is a fussy eater.

  • Right play is indeed important for a child…screen time is definitely robbing a child of their physical playing time!!

  • I have been contemplating on starting Pediasure for my baby. I see that her weight isn’t upto the mark and she is a fussy eater. That concerns me a lot

  • You have shared about the concerns about today’s mother’s. My worry is also the same. Your tips are useful and would try to incorporate this for my child.

  • This is such an important topic of discussion in these times. Play and the right kind of play is so important for a child’s development. As parents we need to focus on this important aspect.

  • Good post. I’m glad you say that screen time should be limited instead of saying that screen time should be cut off. Why I say this is because while many parents claim their children are off screen, in reality it’s not possible. We at home have reduced screen time to just a day in the week and that we decide the time more point is, my son doesn’t go out to play at all. While this worries me, but I feel I should wait until he himself starts it rather than.pushing him to do. He prefers to engage in indoor games. What do you say about this? Should I be doing something differently, perhaps?

  • Growing right is very important in child’a developing years. this seems to be a wonderful event. we totally avoid screen time while having a meal. Wonderful initiative by Pediasure.

  • Your blog brought in a lot of insight & pointers as to how to appreciate right ways of growing! With more emphasis to play along with work!
    Very well summed.

  • Noor Anand Chawla

    You are so right Gunjan, free play is such an important component in the growth journey of all children.

  • Khushboo

    Thats a very great post for parents. I agree say no to plug and yes to play.

  • It’s important to teach kids how much screen time needed and we, parents can only control this and make them to grow right..Glad to be a part of this initiative!!

  • Great post. A child needs to play properly. It does not only help in child’s physical health but it also helps to create a strong mentality too.

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  • Awesome post. I totally agree with your views. We should say ‘No’ to plug and ‘Yes’ to play.
    Nowadays kids are more addicted to gadgets which makes them dull and cranky.

    • admin

      True, The difficult part is that we cant vanish it. A healthy mix with adequate time for play and learn should be good! Thank you for reading!!


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