How to High Back carry with Soul Slings Onbuhimo

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The Soul Slings Onbuhimo is primarily used as a back carrier, but can be worn as front carry as well. This unique, and convenient, style of carrier originated in Japan and is made without a waist belt! It is lightweight, breathable, and very portable can be easily folder and carried in into your bag for a day out.

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How to Use your Soul Sling Onbuhimo

The trick with an onbuhimo, as with any buckle carrier, is finding your sweet spot. Where to tighten, so it feels most comfortable. As there is no waist strap on this carrier, all the weight is on your shoulders, and the most common complaint is ‘sore shoulders’. However, this carrier is designed to be worn a lot higher tha a carrier with a waistband, and having it too low seems to be the most common issue. And it’s easy to fix. Get it higher.

The easiest way to do this is to put your hand under your child’s bum, lift them up, then tighten the slack. For me, when I first started wearing it, I had it too low , and yes, after about 15 minutes or so my shoulders were sore and I wanted my full buckle. But I played around with the height, and found that, for me, getting Tuggu’s shoulders higher than mine is the key.

Basic steps to wear an Onbuhimo

1.       Slide the chest clip to a position that is comfortable for you

2.       Lay your onhuhimo flat on a higher surface like a chair, stool, chair, sofa or  bed

3.       Seat your child on the Onbuhimo

4.       pass each leg through the shoulder straps

5.       Make sure the leg out padding is below each knee

6.       Pull the panel up using the shoulder straps, your child’s arms should be out

7.       with your back to your child, insert yours arms into the shoulder straps

8.       Buckle together the chest clip and tighten it

9.       tighten the shoulder straps

10.   Make a seat by pulling the fabric up from between your child’s legs

11.   Make Sure it is spread smooth from knee to knee

12.   Bouncing while adjusting will get your child into a high back carry

13.   Tada… That’s it!! you’re ready to go!!

watch this video to learn more on how to wear your baby in Soul slings Onbuhimo

So enjoy wearing your toddler. Still unsure which carrier would suit you well, you should learn about the right type, right fabric and right carrier which would suit you and your  baby. You can also read my detailed comparison of full Buckle carrier. Also its super important to clean and maintain your carriers as they would last you for lng!

Happy Baby wearing!! Enjoy your baby wearing journey with Soul.

Do let me know in comments below, if you have any questions, suggestion or feedbacks!!

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  1. Deepa Jaisingh

    wow. look at that, a helping hand literally! My lo always wanted to stay in my arms no matter what! I wish i could get my hands on one of these.

  2. This baby carrier looks easy and comfortable for the baby and mom too. I never tried back carrying though.

  3. Getting the right carrier for baby is important for ease, comfort and security. This one looks good and is quite convenient too.

  4. The carrier looks easy and doable. And not like a burden on the back. The video cleared a few doubts I had. Thanks so.much.

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