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My journey to Cloth Diaper

The Background

Every time I tell everyone in our extended family or friends that T is wearing a Cloth Diaper, I get a strange look. The oldies always ask me – why a diaper, they always perceive a diaper as the disposable ones available in market which isn’t good for baby’s delicate skin and is one of the reason for rashes. While the younger lot of people aren’t aware of the advanced cloth diaper, when I say cloth diaper they assume it to be traditional langots or a slight better version of the langots or langots with multiple cloth layer i.e. basically cloth which wont be able to absorb much.

But when I explain them or show them what it is the oldies still consider that wearing a diaper could provide some hinderance in achieving milestones while the young ones find it tacky to wash and clean them. Most of them at times consider it a easy way of living to be dependent on the disposable diapers as they looks easy.  So after making a lot of people educated on cloth diapers and giving them the math, I feel it’s the right time I put it across here as well.

Cloth Diaper- common misperception

One of the most common mis – perceptions people have about the advance cloth diapers is that they are difficult to use and more difficult to wash. So I would like to add that the advance cloth diapers, available these days are just as easy to change as a disposable one and as easy to wash as washing any other baby cloth. Moreover, it has multiple snap closures available which help in making it an adjustable size with growing baby while ensuring a snug fit and no leaking.

So no doubts, that these modern cloth diapers are convenient and versatile. They are much better at containing the poop than the disposable diapers, as they are designed with a much better adjustable fit and stronger, thicker elastic at the legs and back.


Cloth Diaper are easy, re-usable, and skin friendly.

I started cloth diapering my son when he was around 6 months and is in cloth diapers day in and day out for more than a year now. Trust me, I have had never faced any situation of rashes ever. it’s the dry feel cloth that touches the baby’s bottom which is super safe and skin friendly. They are easy to use and wash. Washing cloth diapers at home just add an extra two or maximum three loads of laundry per week, depending on the age of the baby or her pee/poop frequency.

Cloth Diaper are convenient

Important thing to here is that when you are cloth diapering, you never have to worry about running out of diapers – and running out to the nearest store to restock in the middle of the night! or even have a bin flowing with non-biodegradable waste like disposable diaper. Once soiled just wash off the solids and throw the diaper along with other baby laundry into the washing machine. It’s that simple. Really!!! Just rinse, wash, dry, and voila! Fresh, clean diapers ready and waiting to be used again. Read my previous post if you want to know the complete details on wash care of cloth diapers.

Cloth Diapers are economical

You don’t have to spending money on something that you would throw away. Lot of people tell me that they find Cloth diapers costly and spending 800-900 for one diaper doesn’t seem feasible to them. I can’t emphasize this point enough, I understand that there is, of course, an initial investment required to purchase a couple of cloth diapers and accessories to start your cloth diapering journey. But you can spend wisely and buy as much or as little as you like.

Follow these tips, if you are looking for easy and cost effective cloth diapering solution

    1. you may use prefolds and fold them in different patterns
    2. buy a couple of cover cloth diapers and few extra soakers and keep on changing the soakers while alternately air drying the cover of the cloth diaper.
    3. you may also use any cloth from any old cotton sarees/old bedsheets and fold them and use them inside your pocket or cover cloth diapers.
    4. you may also use multiple soakers in the same cover diaper for night time diapering and totally skip buying any All in ones or plus diapers
    5. All in one diapers are as good as disposable ones, you need to add anything, just put it on baby and they can last an entire night too (after couple of washes) and hence would be a great investment.
    6. The number of diapers you need to buy to maintain your stash would completely depend on your wash cycle. If you are ready to wash them soon, you may work with a small stash, whereas for alternate days wash cycle you may need more of the cloth diapers. Like I started cloth diapering with a set of 3 diapers and some extra soakers, I use to change soakers once wet and wash them immediately once changed. But once came monsoon, I bought few more and currently have a stash of 25+ 😀 and though I can still go for alternate laundry cycle, I prefer washing them daily.

As a mom, I totally empathize with the demand for “easy” and “convenient” when it comes to products for my baby. And I can also say that choosing cloth diapers was one of the smartest decisions I have made for our family. It truly is the healthiest, most convenient, cost-effective choice one can make for their family.

So don’t be scared or think twice give it a whirl and try out the world of cloth.

I know you’ll be happy you did!

Do let me know in comments below if you have any questions/suggestions or feedback, would be glad to answer them for you.

Take Care

Gunjan <3

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