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Teaching the toddler- How to Share?


Sharing is an essential life skill that every Toddler must learn. Toddlers generally take time for clear understanding of this concept. While it is easy said than done but practicing early can help a long way. Try to give your Toddler the much needed attention and notice his behaviour towards others. IS he ready to share his stuff with friends, relatives or neighbours? if he is than do appreciate this gesture and if not, then you may try to teach your Toddler how to share.

You may try few of the below steps and teach your toddler to share with these helpful tips:

1. Take Turns:

Take a toy and say, “It’s my turn to play.” Then, give it to your child and say, “Now it’s your turn to play.” This game will make your Toddler understand that the toy will come back to him/her.

2. Model sharing behavior:

Kids learn what they see. If you are eating a cookie, break a piece and give it to the Toddler . Explain that you would love to share with him/her.

3. Praise your child:

Whenever your child shares something with you or their friends or siblings, praise them for their behaviour.

4. Don’t label things:

When you buy a new toy, tell your kids that it is for everyone to play together. Labelling a toy as “Mine” or “Yours” will create the impression in the child’s mind that it is exclusively for themselves.

5. Time it:

Set a timer for kids to play with a toy. In this way, every kid will get an equal chance to play. It will also encourage patience in the Toddler .

6. Take toys along:

While visiting a friend’s home, ask your child to carry a few toys along so that they can exchange it with their friend’s toys for some time

Do let me know how these small tips helped you in comments below. Also you may like to read few of my posts on toddlers, do check them out.

27 thoughts on “Teaching the toddler- How to Share?

  1. It is so important to teach the value of sharing and i lovely the way you have shared such simple tips. I am gonna remand these. Specially point 2, about model sharing and pointv6, about taking a toy along to a friends house to share. Great tips

  2. Oh, my kids definitely need some help when it comes to sharing. This was really interesting, I am going to imply these points.

  3. Modelling the behaviour that we want kids to imbibe is very important as they learn best by observing us

  4. It is very important to teach kids how to share. Thankfully, my daughter was happy sharing her stuff with her friends so I didn’t have to struggle too much.

  5. Liked all the tips. Sharing is a very important skill that is lacking in now a days. I always carry along my kids toys…
    Really liked the example of breaking cookie. This is a very simple example but has a warm gesture and can be a teachable moment.

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