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The Amazing Machines Series by Tony Mitton & Ant Parker- Book Review

The Amazing Machines Series by Tony Mitton & Ant Parker is an informative kids book series which is all about vehicles. These books are written in verse by Tony Mitton and have been illustrated by Ant Parker with few jolly animal characters. From air planes to fire trucks, this internationally bestselling ‘Amazing Machines series’ is a perfect way for children to learn about all sorts of machines on the wheels. Each of the books introduces a new vehicle and the jobs it can do. The pictures are bright, the text is engaging, rhyming and simple to learn, everything combines to make these fantastic books for young children.

Kids who enjoy vehicles will love getting to know the operation of the vehicle by friendly animal characters. These jolly animal characters -rabbit, mouse and a bird make the books more fun. All these characters feature throughout the series and its fun reading about their fast-paced adventures. Above all, there is even a picture glossary at the end which recaps all the new technical terms, basically the parts of the machines. 

Originally the Amazing Machines Series (Kingfisher) was made up of 10 books. Later, considering the popularity of the books, few more happened to release recently.  The current count of books in the series is 14 as per Amazon India. We have the set of 10 books and my pre-schooler is in love with them, so today I thought of sharing our accidental encounter and love for these books.

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Amazing Machines by Tony Mitton
Tuggu glancing over the first set of the book we got. Can you see the model toys along with it? 

Our first rendezvous with Amazing Machines Book Series 

We accidentally got introduced to Amazing Machines series by Tony Mitton early last year. Tuggu always had an incredible love affair with construction and all other types of vehicles ever since I can remember. And our book collection revolved around the same vehicle theme from ‘Wheels of the Bus’ to ‘Good Night Tractor’. 

And once while searching for some preloved books for him, I chanced upon ‘Dazzling Dizzers’ and ‘Tremendous Trucks’. These books immediately caught my attention and I bought them for him. And as expected he too enjoyed the books for its storyline and quirky pictures. I remember buying around 7-8 books but ended up reading these two multiple times a day.  My then one-and-half-year-old was in absolute love with these books, that I knew I had to buy more. Thankfully the entire set  ‘Amazing Machines’ series By Tony Mitton is available on Amazon, (*affiliate link) and I could get them for my vehicle lover young reader.


10 Books- Amazing Machines Series By Tony Mittion & Ant Parker

The Amazing Machines Series by Tony Mitton & Ant Parker
All the 10 books in the Amazing Machines Series 

Dazzling Diggers

‘Dazzling Diggers’ (Amazing Machines) by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker is our first fascist pick from the series.  It is an excellent little picture book which celebrates the power and utility of all types of digging machines working on a construction site. The book text consists of ten rhyming couplets, each one occupying the caption space of a double-sized spread of the book.

Diggers are noisy, strong, and big. Diggers can carry and push and dig.

Diggers have shovels to scoop and lift, blades that bulldoze, shunt, and shift.

The story showcases all the diggers at work being operated by 3 friendly cartoon animals. The language of easy and the rhymes are catchy enough for kids to memorise with equally brilliant illustrations. The last page presents a simple, illustrated glossary of pieces of a digger.


Tough Trucks

Just like any other toddler, my son is totally entranced by trucks too. And ‘Tough Trucks’ another brilliant book (Amazing Machines) by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker delivers lumbering tractor-trailers, dump trucks, tankers, and trash trucks galore.

Again the text is in catchy rhyming couplets. The story, the characters and the illustration is the way kids would love them. The signature friendly animal gang rumbles the trucks down the road in this truck-tastic picture book.


Roaring Rockets

The next in the Amazing Machines series would be our recent favourite – ‘Roaring Rockets’, especially after the launch of #Chandrayaan2 mission. The amazing book blast off again with more out-of-this-world couplets!

Rockets have power. They rise and roar. This rocket’s waiting, ready to soar.

Rockets carry astronauts with cool, white suits oxygen helmets and gravity boots.

This time it is the machines that fly. The bold bright illustrations are as witty as the text, and our favourite animal crew roars and whizzes into the outer space and plants a moon lander this time.

Amazing Airplanes

With their book on Airplanes, buckle up to learn all about flying. Amazing Airplanes follows our friendly animals as they become pilots, crew, baggage handlers, and air stewards.

Each page of the book is filled with details that machine-mad kids would love. Such as a picture from the cockpit, the landing gear, and much more. This book is near perfect for budding pilots or happy travellers!


Flashing Fire Engines

In ‘Flashing Fire Engines’ the animal crew becomes the fire-fighters. They climb on board the fire truck and ride along. A child can learn how the fire-fighters get ready to put out fires and save everyone.

Again each page is full of all kind of detail that machine-mad toddlers may love- the fireman’s pole, the fire truck siren, the long ladder of the fire truck. The end page talks about the Fire engine parts, helmets, fireproof jackets, masks and water tanks.

Tremendous Tractors

Tremendous, chuggy tractors, so sturdy and so strong,

hitching up to farm machines, and pulling them along.

The book has the trio of friendly animals as farmers showing the readers how their crops are planted and harvested using tractors, trailers, ploughs, and other farm machines.

The playful picture book has a zippy wordplay, some informative pictures to explain the entire process and the main machine the Tractors

Terrific Trains

Big Trains, small trains, old trains, and new, rattling and whistling — Choo, choo, choo!

This opening rhyme of the book is now a synonym for a train. My little one chuckle as the wacky animal crew toots the whistle and enjoys the train ride. 

The book offers enough details on the type of trains, the sounds they make. Clickety-clack, the whizzing down the track, slowing to a railroad crossing, rumbling through a tunnel, and finally pull into the station where passengers await to go for a vacation.


Brilliant Boats

one can find all kinds of boats- Sail boats, ferry boats, row boats, and speedboats, in this Amazing Machines series book ‘Brilliant Boats”. The kids would discover how they work in this fun-filled picture book.

The book also takes the reader to a cruise on an ocean liner, which is crewed by our favourite animal characters, in a jolly rhyming journey.


Super Submarines

A brilliant way to explore an underwater world with Rabbit, Bird, and Mouse. This Amazing Machines series book features all underwater fun in this marine adventure all about submarines. 

Just how the book is supposed to be, in author’s words it is Zippy wordplay, zappy art, plus a visual dictionary. Everything combines makes this title like other a must-have for bookshelves everywhere.

Cool Cars

The Amazing Machines series book features a wide variety of automobiles, from luxury limousines to speedy sports cars. And guess what all the cars are driven by our kooky animal characters.

The book follows just like other books from the series with zappy wordplay, zappy artwork. The lively rhyming text by Tony Mitton perfectly complements Parker’s bold and bright illustrations.

Cool cars- car bits
The end page of ‘Cool Cars”

The end page picture dictionary helps to identify car parts and builds vocabulary. Something that makes learning about cars even more fun.



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  • I am always on lookout for new books for my kid and this entire series looks promising. Will add them to my Amazon cart soon!

  • preety85

    These are really some amazing books for kids. I would love to gift these books to my kids .thanks for sharing.

  • My nephew likes to read and learn through these books. They are his all time favourite now.

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    My son will love reading this set of books Amazing Machines. He loves machines and I am sure it will be a great read for him too

  • My My…. The books look and sound truly interesting. Children nowadays are lucky to have this to their disposal!

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    Trains, cars, buses, trucks, earth movers, anything on wheels have their own fascination for kids. It is nice to see a complete series of books, the Amazing Machines, dedicated to this aspect, what a nice way for kids to learn more about their favourite vehicles.

  • Wow, I have always seen Arham fascinated with heavy vehicles ever since he was 6months. And this series looks really fab for kids. Gonna get it !

  • These books are really a great and fun way to introduce our kids to machines of our age. Will surely dig up and get these books for my lil one she totally loves cars

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    This looks like a very interesting book series for kids to learn and have fun at the same time.

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    I always appreciate coming across series of children’s books that I am unfamiliar with. Will definitely check this series out.

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    These books looks amazing for kids to read. I will definitely gift them to my nephew.

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    I am fan of your writing

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    • Gunjan Upadhyay

      Thank you Anurag, really means a lot

  • These books look very attractive and appealing to kids!


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