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Oral Care for kids

Oral care is one of the important aspects of overall hygiene. And this can be practised as early as few days after birth. Yes, you read it right, you may start cleaning baby’s gums with a clean soft washcloth till the first teeth come in.

You can start cleaning your child’s teeth using a soft brush twice a day. There are silicon finger brushes also available which are better for babies, though we still use it at times, when #LittleTuggu isn’t mood to brush (We have to play with our toothbrush collection before we actually brush 😍)

Till his first birthday, we used only water and clean brush and regularly bushed his teeth twice a day.

Post that we can use rice sized fluoride free toothpaste to clean their teeth. When we were trying to find a perfect toothpaste for T, I did a lot of research and talked to a lot of friends to know their first-hand experience. Not any more.

Our favourite and #madesafe brand Mamaearth recently launched their fluoride free, chemicals like SLS, Parabens etc free toothpaste for kids and we absolutely love it.

It is Asia’s 1st made safe certified toothpaste for kids, 💯 natural and the Berry Blast flavour taste yummy too. .

So go ahead and get it soon…

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