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Mangoes, a perfect treat in Summers #BlogchatterA2Z

Hello friends,

The #SuperFoodforHealthyYou today is a fruit we relish every summer, Mangoes. Last Week, during blogchatter’s #microblog on summer memories, the first thing that came in my mind was Mangoes. And I went back to my childhood days, relishing on juicy mangoes while enjoying the gupshup with friends, family and cousins. It just made me ponder how our Summers are actually incomplete without mangoes. Not that we need an excuse to eat a juicy sweet mango, but here’s a good one. The delicious, juicy and sweet mango has some anti-inflammatory benefits that help improve metabolism. On realizing the numerous health benefits of eating mangoes in summers, I am sure your love for this fruit even more.

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Mangoes not only taste good but has many health benefits too. Keep reading to know more health benefits of eating mangoes in summers and why you should never miss them in season.

health benefits of eating mangoes in summers

Health benefits of eating Mangoes

  • Mangoes contain antioxidants, which protect our body against cancers– colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and leukaemia.
  • Mango fruit also contains high levels of vitamin C, fibre and pectin. This makes it a perfect fruit helping to control the high cholesterol level.
  • Mango leaves are known to regulate diabetes. So, people suffering from diabetes may add a few mango leaves in their diet. Boil 5-6 mango leaves in enough water, let it soak it overnight. Filter this decoction and drink it early in the morning.
  • Mangoes are loaded with vitamin A, which makes it a perfect fruit for improving eyesight. It also helps in preventing night blindness and dry eyes (which is common during summers).
  • The enzymes present in mangoes helps in breaking down the protein content in our body. Also, the fibre content aids in good digestion and prevents stomach related diseases.
  • There are another health benefits of eating mangoes in summers, it helps in preventing heat strokes. Eating mango refreshes and cools you down instantly. So do add this superfood in your diet this summer and stay cool.
  • Mangoes also have vitamin C content along with Vitamin A, which is essential and beneficial for our immune system. So eating a mango ensures we are keeping our immune system strong and healthy.


Some healthy Mango recipes to help you cool down this summers

  1. Mango almond smoothie (Vegan)

health benefits of eating mangoes in summers
Mango Almond Milk Smoothie
  • Make almond milk with 20-24 Almonds and 100 ml water. For making almond milk, soak Almonds overnight and blend them with a little water to make a thick smooth paste.
  • I generally add 3:4  amount of water. You may add any proportion you find appropriate, for consistency of almond milk. Add pureed mango pulp and blend well.  
  • Serve with few finely chopped mango pieces and almonds. You may add sabza or flax seeds too, it’s totally optional.

Almond milk is cooler and making smoothies with mangoes add more to its health benefits in summers. You may use normal cow’s milk too in case you don’t have almond milk or try with Coconut milk too. Totally your choice.

  1. Mango Kulfi

Who doesn’t like ice-creams or those creamy kulfis? They just taste even better with your favourite fruit. Just add the mango pulp in your favourite recipe and enjoy



This is my entry for the letter, ‘M’ Blogchatter #a2zChallenge. Stay tuned while I share some interesting #SuperFoodforHealthyYou each day in this month. Do visit here tomorrow for next Superfood with the letter ‘N’.

Thank you for reading!

Do share in your comments if you like the post or have an interesting fact, memories or recipes to share about this highly nutritious fruit, and we never mind waiting for summers to relish juicy Mangoes


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13 thoughts on “Mangoes, a perfect treat in Summers #BlogchatterA2Z

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  • Oh my god I never knew that mango has so many benefits I always thought its tasty sweet and so fatening but you proves me wrong, Its a super food

  • shubhadabhide

    I love love love Mangoes! Can eat them anytime everytime especially alphaso hapoos mangoes. I quite liked the recipe of Almond Mango smoothie. Going to try it.

  • jhilmildsaha

    My daughter has been living entirely on these yellow beauties since a week. I was a bit apprehensive to ket her indulge in so much but after reading this I think its just fine.

  • I love mangoes, in any form, at any time . Mamgo juice and smoothie are definitely my one of the favorites. But, Obviously that kulfi seems so damn delicious. And I can’t wait to try that too.

  • Mrinal Kiran

    Mangoes are called the king of fruit kingdom for a reason! They are so yummy! Loved the post! Will try making the vegan smoothie!

  • Nisha Malik

    Like everybody else mangoes are my favorite too. I can have them in any form. They have such numerous benefits for body and hair. Thanks for writing such a detailed post.

  • Mangoes are a family favourite and not just delicious they are nutritious too. Mango kulfi is what we make every week in summers.

  • I love summer only for mangos you can say .. Will try the mango kulfi recipe tomorrow.. Mango has so many benefits ..

  • I love mango! It is, in fact, my favourite fruit. I feel like having mango almond smoothie right away 😉

  • Oh I did not know that mangoes benefits our immune system and helps with eye sight. Will try your yummy recipe for Mango Almond Milk Smoothie. 🙂


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