Top 10 Gifts for this Children’s Day

As a child, I remember my Dad gifting us on almost every occasion. There was always a gift – clothes, toys, books, comics etc for birthdays, festivals, winning Olympiads or getting good marks or some surprise ones during summer vacations.

These small gifting moments always kept us excited and motivated.

But now a lot has changed and there are lot of interesting gift options for kids than the traditional clothes and toys. So if you are looking for some fun ideas, here I am sharing some fun and Interesting options for you. Hope your kids like them as much you like gifting it to them.

10. Art and Craft Supplies

Children have a creative mind. They love to draw, paint creatively from a tender age, this not only helps them to sharpen their imagination but also keep them engaged. Boost their creativity by gifting them art and craft supplies. Variety of age-based options is available in the market today. It can be colours, crayons, colour pencils, crafts kits, crafting tools, stencils, stickers books, craft books etc

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9. Subscription Boxes

Today market is flooded with many types of subscription boxes for kids. These boxes are full or educational and fun activities for kids of all age groups. These are either some activity based or theme based boxes. You may look for the types which suit your kids’ interest.

8. Sports Gear

Sports not only help kids stay active but also teach them discipline and the good team player. Let them play in a park, run around, catch, throw a ball, or try a new sport. It shall also help them get rid of the boredom and stress. Gift them a football, basketball, jumping rope, badminton racket, cricket bat as per their age or their interest.

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7. Books/Library

Books are kids best friends. Gift them a book and it shall stay for a lifetime. Books not only will help them improve their vocabulary but shall boost their imagination as well. You may buy books or gift them a Library pass or make a small library at home. In case you have a small house, be sure to pass the books to others, so they don’t clutter up your home

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6. Educational Toys

Let your little ones learn everything with lots of fun by gifting them some Educational Toys. There are a lot of god brands which offer STEM education through their fun way for kids early on in their life. Depending on the age you may gift them counting, colouring, memory games, Scrabble and many more.

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More about STEM education in upcoming articles

5. Journal/Diary

Introduce the concept of planning and writing in kids by giving them a journal or diary to scribble their thoughts. Engage with them and encourage them to include everything that comes to their mind on it or write about their day, or something good that happened that day or what new they learnt.

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4. Piggy Bank

Its never to early to teach your kids the value of money. Why don’t start teaching them by saving money as a rupee saved is rupee earned? Gift them a piggy bank and start saving.

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3. A Hand-written Letter

Yes, you read it right, write a letter to your kid. Words have so much impact when written. You can write a letter or even a small note for some important event. Try personalizing it with his favourite cartoon character or a superhero. It shall be so exciting for them to find you doing something extraordinary for them.

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2. Time

Gift them some time from your busy life. Sit together, talk about their day, play some indoor games, or cook some meal together. Do something which you were planning to do for a long time. And don’t forget to switch off or silent your phone. Such undivided attention will be appreciated always by your kids and you never know you would make some memories for a lifetime.

Read a few tips to engage them here.

1. Cadbury chocolate

Whatever the age may be, chocolates are loved by the kids of all age groups. Kids love a surprise and what better than something they love, something we all love and bring them an ear to near smile.

And when we say chocolates is there anything better than our Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Let’s become a kid and make them feel special this children’s day.

Have you seen this commercial already, I am in love with their commercials.
#KuchMeethaHoJaaye #CadburyDailyMilk

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