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5 Gifts a new-mom will Thank you for

 Being a New-mom is hard. Those sleep-deprived days and postpartum pain along with handling a new born aren’t easy, Right? Between frequent feedings, changing diapers, and getting used to their happy but sleepless life, new-moms need some extra attention when it comes to gifting, it can not be the usual clothes or baby care products. So, here’s some super practical gifting ideas for a new-mom:

  1. A stash of Advanced Cloth Diapers

Using  a cloth diaper is easy and simple, you just have to decent stash and a regular wash routine. They are as soft as cloth nappies just an upgraded version and easy to use just like a disposable diaper. It not only saves time changing clothes and sheets every time the baby pees or poops and the best part is that they not only good for the environment but also wallet  as One size will fit a new-born till the baby is a toddler and potty trained

Superbottoms Cloth Diapers

I personally use Superbottoms they have these super adorable prints available in New borns, Cover Diapers and All in One (AIO) range which is suited for babies from new born to upto 17 kgs. There are snap buttons to adjust the size and provide a snug fit. the cloth diapers usually last for 3-4 Hours depending on baby’s wetting capacity. Also, they are the only Indian Cloth Diapers that are tested and safe in accordance with #CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act), USA.

Over all their range I prefer Superbottoms plus AIO (heavy absorbency , it is ideally suited for night-time diapering or for heavy wetting babies  It has this trimmest crotch, making it look slimmer and comfortable for baby.


2. A functional Diaper Bag

Frankly when we say Diaper bag, its not just the diaper or the wipes that goes in. There are plenty of things which are need to be carried when you travel with a baby. From bottles, blankets, extra outfits, baby weaning food and even some toys.  But apparently most of the bag available are those cartoon or floral prints though no doubts look cute, but are not very functional. Also,we cant miss the fact that mom would need ta bag to herself too.

My Diaper bag from Bohomia

What if I introduce you to this fabulous bag from Bohomia. Their Diaper bags are featherlite in weight and have multiple pockets to keep all the baby stuff is the lace and well organised. so that you won’t have to dig inside just to find a tissue.


Key Features

  • One main compartment
  • Three front and one back pocket
  • Two side pockets
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Two carry strap

Another best feature of the bag is that is doesn’t look like a regular diaper bag, its stylish and yet functional. Will totally be a slaying look for a new mom. The one I have is  Bohomia Classic large tote bag and absolutely love it.

 Visit their Facebook Page or Instagram page to check their latest designs. 

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3. A Comfy baby Carrier

A good stroller is something which comes to our mind but one thing that many new parents find invaluable when their newborns arrive is a baby carrier.

Much like swaddling, a good baby carrier keeps the baby tucked in as if in the womb. Furthermore, it keeps the baby close to the heart which can be so comforting for her. Not only are they will help to bond in the early weeks and months, but they also give freedom to get on with the many tasks involved in being a new parent.

There are several brands available with the different variety of carriers available. From Ring slings, wraps, Meh dai to full buckles which are well may be suited to from new-borns to toddlerhood with minor additions of infant inserts.


4. A Nursing gear 

One thing which all new mom finds difficult while travelling with a baby is nursing. Though there is a lot of place like malls and airports where one can find a dedicated nursing room. But the ease a nursing garment would provide is unmatchable.

A hungry baby is most difficult to soothe and waiting to find a nursing place could be even more difficult is such a situation. A nursing cover or a  pretty nursing top/dress would be something a new-mom would love to get. In those first few months with a newborn, moms can be in that zone between “can’t look at my maternity clothes” and “can’t fit into much else.” A top can make nursing easy and makes her feel beautiful too.


5 A nursing Accessories

Also if the New mom is a working mom and plans to resume work, what better than gift her something which could help ease her life and balance both her worlds. Fortunately, the amendments in the new  Maternity Bill allows a women 26 weeks of maternity leaves so that she can nurse the baby for initial 6 months which is highly recommended by all doctors to be completely breast feed.

But like other moms, I decided to continue feeding my baby for at least a year. So one thing I swear by was a Breast Pump, it is available in both manual and electronic. But I prefer the Manual one. I bought it within a week of my baby was born as it helped me to keep a check on my milk supply as I was little cautious if my newborn is having enough.  Also during certain very tiring days, I use to pump and refrigerate. And my husband would wake up at night to feed the baby. This helped me a lot to catch up on my sleep.


5.  Some Healthy Snack or Nuts. 

A  Breastfeeding mom needs extra calories and nutritious diet to keep up her milk supply and meet the requirements of her growing baby. all feeding sessions leave a mom craving for some food and these healthy snacks could be an easy pick. My mom prepared some homemade snacks with dry fruits and healthy nuts. These were not only healthy but took care of my spicy midnight munching. More of the recipes in next post.

You may get her packs of dry fruits or healthy nuts and seeds like chia seeds, muskmelon seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin, watermelon etc, these are packed with much-needed Omega 3 which not only will help her recover fast but will also help her lose pregnancy weight.

I hope these ideas will definitely help you. Let me know in comments below your thoughts on these. Or if you have more such cool ideas a new mom would love and appreciate.

Thanks for reading!!



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