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Best books for kids about space (agewise)

The solar system – the planets, sun, moon, stars, space travel, astronauts all of it, is so fascinating to kids. Some may have a range of questions that you may get difficult for you to answer. Here is this list of some of the best books for kids about space that would help you satisfy their curiosity and illuminate imaginations to infinity and beyond.

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Wondering how to explain the solar system to kids? 

One way you can teach kids about the solar system is by having them read books on the solar system. Another powerful way to teach kids about the solar system would be to create a Diy Space model. A space theme Diy by cutting different-coloured/textured papers for planets would make teaching the solar system a great visual for them. If you ar

Best books for kids about space

e looking for some kid-friendly books on space, do read the entire post. 


Best Books for kids about SPACE 

Here I have shared some age-wise out-of-this-world books for kids about space. The list includes books that are well-known internationally and some of them are by top Indian publishers. These books also make wonderful educational gift ideas for kids too. So, keep reading to know how to make learning about the solar system fun and educative.

Best books for kids about space

Internationally favourite books on the Space theme

1. Goodnight Spaceman (Age: 1.5+)

This is one of the best-read books from Michelle Robinson and Nick East’s beloved Goodnight series. We have few more titles from the series including Goodnight Tractor and Good night Digger. All of them were our absolute favourite growing up. The story is about two little boys, who are absolutely crazy about space and are about to go on an adventure. The book is inspired by astronaut Tim Peake and his sons and a great book for little explorers.

2. Roaring Rockets (part of Amazing machines book series) (Age: 2+)



Roaring Rockets is a part of the Amazing Machines series of books which is a well-loved book set for kids interested in vehicles. We initially bought a couple of books on trucks and diggers but later bought the entire set. In case your child is interested in vehicles- land, water or air, I highly recommend these books. You may also read the detailed review of The Amazing Machines Series by Tony Mitton & Ant Parker. There is also a detailed post on ROaring rockets book on my Instagram page here.

Usborne books for kids about Space

3. Usborne lift the flap book- Look Inside SPACE (Age 3+)

Ever wondered that why do stars shine? or how the moon was made? Children can blast-off into space with this interactive flap book by Usborne. The book reveals the secrets of the Universe with its vibrant illustrations, simple explanations with over 70 flaps to lift. This book is a keeper in the child’s library.



4. Usborne lift the flap book- PEEP Inside SPACE (Age 3+)

Another beautifully illustrated Usborne book for kids to discover the planets in our solar system, see astronauts on the International Space Station.  

5. Usborne FIRST READING- On the Moon (Age 3+)

On the moon by usborne first reading

Amazon Link of On The Moon. It is a space adventure book specially written for children just beginning to read. It’s a part of Usborne first reading book set. It lets kids glimpse what it would be like to fly into space or walk on the moon or look back at Earth from there. The book also includes fun puzzles after the story. Really a great start for kids interested in the moon.

6. Usborne PHOnics READING- Raccon On the Moon (Age 3+)

Racoon on the moon is a funny rhyming story with phonic repetition for early reading practice. The colourful illustrations help children learn to read and develop essential language and early reading skills along with sharing a glimpse of life at the moon. 

7. Usborne Beginners- Solar system (Age 3+) 


A cheaper version of the solar system book is also available in paperback here. It answers questions about the surface of Mars and venus. How the sun is made and how astronauts reached the Moon and what they find there. It helps beginner readers to find answers to such questions n this colourful information book. Illustrated with photographs by NASA and illustrations accompanied by short, informative text. The book also includes selected internet links to credible websites about the Solar System.


‘National Geographic Kids’ Books for Kids about Space and planets

National Geographic Kids books have readable text for beginning readers without sacrificing quality content. They have been developed in consultation with education experts,

8. National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space  (Age 4-8) 


We love this one. This beautiful book with colourful pages will explain basic concepts of space, beginning with what is most familiar to kids and expanding out into the universe. The information shared is exactly the right amount of text and facts per page to introduce the topic and not overwhelm young readers.

9. Planets: Level 2 and 3 (National Geographic Readers) (Age 5-8) 

There are two books available by the same title, one is Level 2 reading and another one is Level 3. You may opt as per the child’s reading level. Both these books have readable text for beginning readers without sacrificing content quality, hence kids will learn so much about the different planets in this book. 

10. Everything: space (National Geographic Kids) (Age 5-8) 

Packed with great facts and anecdotes from experts and colourful photographs, the book has it all about space. It is a part of National Geographic Kids Everything series which has more than 100 pics an explorer’s corner with anecdotes and fun facts throughout. 


books on the Space theme by Top Indian publishers

11. Solar System with Zayn & Zoey (Age 3+)

Zayn and Zoey are a curious twin duo, who are always learning. In this Book Dad has a brilliant idea – he uses the campsite to recreate the solar system! An easy and fun book for kids to learn about the planets in our Solar System Understand what is rotation and revolution and also about other celestial bodies like meteoroids, asteroids, comets

12 .Zayn & Zoey Learn About Rockets (Age 3+)

Zayn and Zoey had a fun weekend where they made a super-fast rocket balloon and learnt all about space rockets with their Dad. They even find-out about an important law of science that actually helps rockets lift off the ground!


13. Suni Goes to Space (Age 5-8 years)

‘Suni goes to Space’  is a story of Sunita Williams, an Indian-origin girl in America who reached for the stars and the moon, not once or twice but a record seven times. It is a  collection of beautifully illustrated picture books for children. This book is a part of the Little Leaders series, where each book will introduce readers to incredible stories of people who followed their dreams, despite all odds. These tales of their passion and courage will emphasise that turning point they had,  in the lives of role models, some of them as old as the readers themselves. Both parents and kids will appreciate these stories of grit, determination, perseverance and using imagination.

14. Bhoomi’s Story Space (Age 3+)

Bhoomi story book on space

In this delightful book, the child will probably ask you to read it aloud repeatedly, Bhoomi aka planet earth plays games with her friend =the moon, introducing the child to the concept of day and night, star patterns, etc. Put together by authors and illustrators Anushka Kalro, Rajasee Ray, author Shubhangi Goel and illustrator Sankhalina Nath, this book is part of the First Look Science series, a result of a classroom project with ‘Srishti’, Bengaluru.


15. Space – My Knowledge Book (Age 3+)

Space my knowledge book Amazon link

Our Space is so huge that, it requires a lot of reading and research to know about it. And our Earth is just a small part of it. In this book, there are many interesting facts and details covered for our young readers. I have shared an IGTV video about them too.


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  • thank you for sharing a curated list of books on space for the kids. i love gifting books but get stumped on what would be the best books to buy. this list will help me as the gifting occasions are coming up.

  • Priyanka Chhabria

    I didn’t know there were so many books on this topic. We have started out with flashcards on solar system for now. Thanks for great recommendations. Really helpful

  • my kiddo is a space enthusiasts and she was amazed to know when I first introduced her to Usborne lift the flap book- Look Inside SPACE book.. These are some awesome suggestions, gonna grab few copies

  • You have given an exhaustive list of space books. They are appropriate for all age groups. Much helpful article

  • Wow my kids are always excited about space and sci fi. These books will surely enrich their knowledge. I will have to try them.

  • My son loves everything about space and we have a lot of books and puzzles on them. From your list we have a few books and the rest I will surely check out for him.

  • Oh space books are so loved by my daughter. She has always been curious about space from young age and so we have bought most of these books you have shared here. Would love to get the 2 we dont have. So happy to have come across this post.

  • These are some very good recommendations on Space topic. I have one book Solar Sysytem for 3plus, shall look for more books to my daughter who is crazy about Space related things

  • These are some wonderful books to understand our solar system and good to know that all of them are available on amazon. Thanks for sharing this.. Will checkout which one to buy.

  • Excellent list of books for space lovers. hough I have already have and read few with my son, like Suni goes to space and everything: Space, I will surely check rest for my daughter.

  • Wow!! I love the perfect compilation of these books as my little one loves space and so I need to get his age appropriate book.

  • Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    great list Gunjan. I remember of making charts and using youtube videos to teach my girls about solar system, when they were little. your post is great help for parents of young kids who want to teach their kids about solar system in an easy way.

  • Alpana Deo

    wow..Thanks for these recommendations. The other day, I was reading a book to my 5 year old about planets and he seemed very much curious to know more about it. Let me check out these books.

  • Lovely compilation for space books. I have the moon one from Osbourne. Definitely saw a couple more that I would be keen on investing for my kiddo

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