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Must Have Kitchen Appliances for all Busy Moms

Kitchen Appliances

Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian BloggersOnce you become a mom, the entire cooking takes on a whole new level. Now it’s more about efficiency and time management. Early in the morning, when rest of the family is sleeping, a mom is up- cutting, chopping, boiling or cooking with her kitchen appliances. Well, that’s how most of the moms start their day with- cooking for her family. She is always putting efforts to cook something healthy yet easy. Her morning aim is to pack healthy lunch and snack boxes for kids and save on time for herself too.

So, today I am sharing some kitchen appliances which all busy/working moms would love to have in their Kitchen. Also, if you are looking forward to some gifting ideas to new parents keep these in mind and view these products. The recommended list of kitchen appliances can help save on time in the kitchen. And at the same time inspired to cook more easily, making the time spent in the kitchen happily.

Must Have Kitchen Appliances, Busy moms guide
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1. A Microwave

A microwave is definitely a good idea for a new mom as it makes the cooking more convenient. There are various modes for different types of cooking and auto-timers which will take of everything. She can use the microwave to bake cupcakes, cakes, grill some veggies and more. It is one of the versatile appliances that can make the life of a mom easy.

Microwave, Kitchen Appliance

More so, it’s a great help even if you have a cook. Just heat or reheat food whenever you are hungry. Check our my suji cake and chocolate brownie recipes to get started.

2. Electric Kettle

One thing we all would agree that Electric kettles are one of the super-efficient appliances. It helps in boiling water quickly in seconds. So, right from the warm detox water, you may want to drink in the Morning, or Coffee or Tea to Hot Chocolates or even boiling water for various possible recipes, an electric Kettle can come in very handy. You can trust an electric kettle for quickly boiling milk or making your favourited Maggi. Yes, that was how I make those late-night Maggi while in college. And now when I am a busy working mom, it is still in my kitchen helping me with my morning breakfast done quickly.

Electric Kettle, Kitchen Appliance

For new moms too, hot water is essential in her first year of parenthood. It helps thaws breastmilk bottles or quickly warms the water to help them whip up some baby cereal.

3. Sandwich Maker/Bread Toaster

Another suggestion I have is to help sort your breakfast right. It is one meal which we have after 8-10 hours of fasting and it should be healthy and filing. And sandwiches or a whole wheat bread Toasts are healthy and nutritious. You may try a variety of stuffing from potatoes, tomatoes, grilled vegetables, cheese and more.

Sandwich maker, Kitchen Appliance

A sandwich is also an easy recipe to pack for your kid’s snack boxes. With just a little preparation for the stuffing, you can make them easily using the sandwich maker. Also, you can make your favourite sandwiches with various Vegetables and with extra veggies, cheese and more. Or you may make a perfect toast with a bread toaster and add some butter, some crunchy veggies. A hot and crispy bread toast is all you need to make a perfect morning with a cup of hot tea off course.

4. Hand Blender/Chopper

A small and compact Hand blender is a bliss for a modern kitchen. It also adds a certain amount of ease and swiftness to your daily life. Hence, just perfect for small everyday jobs like making chutneys to making purees. For making dishes with gravies you would not need to wait for the mixture to cool down and use your mixer. Just throw them in the blender or use the hand blender directly in the cooking vessel. Yes, that the kind of ease I am talking about, you can use them even when the pan is still on the flame.

Hand blender, Kitchen Appliance

And the utilities like a chopper is again extremely useful in finely chopping onions or vegetables and even can make coarse ginger garlic paste in seconds. The beaker attached can also be used in making purees, smoothies, Juices and all those baby-friendly meals.

5. Airfyer

Nowadays everyone is talking about healthy and nutritious food. With a lot of emphasis on the importance of eating right and healthy, non-oily or less fried food, an Airfyer can come very handy. So, if you are one of those who cares about yours and your loved one’s health, gift them an air fryer, which fry the food like air…. just kidding.

Airfryer, Kitchen Appliances

But it soaks a lot of oil, in the process of cooking making your food a lot healthier. And you can use it to cook all your favourite fried food and enjoy them without the guilt.

I hope we all will agree that when convenience and time are at the premium during parenthood, filling a pot and waiting for several minutes to boil or the food to cook is not what we might look for.. isn’t?

Do let me know which kitchen appliances help sort your new parenting journey.

41 thoughts on “Must Have Kitchen Appliances for all Busy Moms

  1. Can’t imagine my life without microwave and blender! I rely on the blender for making smoothies and purees for the little one while the microwave is essential for warming food that gets cold while attending to the little one 😉

  2. Electric kettle is such a saviour for me, especially during winters. Have to check out Air fryer though, heard a lot about it. How was your experience with this?

  3. Always wonder how one would have managed without the aid of so many gadgets that have driven the drudger y out of cooking. Airfryer is something we do not have and are planning to get, from the list of appliances you have written about.

  4. Electric kettle is a saviour for me, especially during winters . want to try air fryer though, heard all things good about it.

  5. True that.. These r much useful and necessary for all in kitchen. Just few days back my sandwich toaster stopped working and I can’t tell you, it’s so needed. I m sure to buy it this festive season. Thanks for wonderful post.

  6. Yes, all the appliances are very much needed! In our family we use all except the kettle, but will get one kettle soon!

  7. Air fryer would really be a great choice if you love fried food.. it’s much better than grilling or baking

        1. Oh it is! I too got a rice cooker as a gift but havnt used it much. It’s only out on festive family gatherings sometimes

  8. I also adore a sandwich maker and blender and i swear by these. I use them each day and they are very helpful in everyday kitchen chores. I use a juicer as well ..:)

    1. So true… I find blenders an easy and better substitute for mixers. Juicer is a great addition too 🙂

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