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Recently I got this my hands on this interesting paper for children – The Young Chronicle. This paper is started with the vision to enable children with different reading and comprehension levels and age groups, to acquire knowledge. A perfect platform to hand-hold a child through his/her reading journey.

I received this month edition of Young Chronicle which carries an article on Gandhiji. There is a gradation of information and language used, and the depth of the narrative. This article has been curated keeping different perspectives in mind and has been wetted by historians with great credibility. Similarly, all their other articles have been written by qualified writers, who are also mothers and understand the learning curve of a child. 

About The Young Chronicle

The idea behind ‘The Young Chronicle’ is to give safe and relevant information to children without exposing them to crime and irrelevant political news that our regular papers are full of. The Young Chronicle is an analytics-driven content platform that uses AI & Mommy Intelligence, to widen a child’s horizons & track a child’s growth across various domains. It offers content in various reading levels because one size doesn’t fit all. 

Ritika says, “When I started AchaBacha a few years back, I became interested in using technology to support parenting. This time since I am a mother now, I was able to direct a more intuitive approach. My Master’s dissertation on game preferences among early schoolgoers also gave me an in-depth understanding of child psychology.” 


The Content

If I talk about the content, it spans across news, to scientific discoveries, to space travel. You name it and you get it. At the end of the day, It is a kind of budding Quora kind of network for kids. If they have a question that hasn’t been covered in the app, it is answered, basis their reading level, within 24 hours.

So now, no child will hear, “you are too young to know.” To facilitate this, we have a very strong network of mothers, who contribute articles week on week. This enables them to engage professionally while supporting their family as a parent.

Also while flipping through it, I noticed how well it integrates technology with traditional methods of learning. It is really commendable that the team behind The Young Chronicle is trying to build an objective thought process as the children grow, and cross various levels. 

About the Team

Apart from the founder, the team currently have a team of 20 mothers, who contribute to the paper from across the globe. This geographical diversity ensures a variety in content and viewpoints and also gives the writers the satisfaction of doing something for society during their parenting journey, from the convenience of their homes. 

Here’s a short video from founders: 

The App- The Young Chronicle

The newspapers open like flip books, giving the children a feel of an actual news magazine. It also has interactive elements like videos, games, and hyperlinked word meanings which further help in early learning.

As for the look and feel, each of the papers have different content. Hence the look and feel of the papers, and consequently the app, changes week on week always. 

If you are a parent and looking for a fun but educational way of engaging your child, this app is for you, Go check out the app on Play store

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  1. Your Rearview Mirror

    This is fabulous work and the team of 20 mother’s are doing a fine job. Kids are our future. Keep going!

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