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Full Buckle baby Carriers- DECODED

Being lucky to be associated with Soul Slings not only gave me chance not only to get introduced to many baby carrying style but also talk and hear a lot of baby wearing. On the Soul Family Facebook page we get to meet lot of parents all around the globe who love to share their baby wearing journey with Soul.

I had always considered myself as a baby wearing mom having good knowledge on baby wearing, but NO, there are so many types of baby carriers and numerous ways to bear your baby or baby bump (watch baby bump wearing ). I have always wore Little Tuggu in a full buckle carrier but when I was introduced to Soul, they had 3 types of Full Buckle carriers mainly- AnoonA, Standard and Toddler. AnoonA can clearly be differentiated based on its ability to grow with your growing baby (Read here)

So first thing that came to my mind was- Why other two full buckles? What’s the difference?

In simple and easy terms, it is differentiated basis the baby weight/size.

After trying both the size variants, and reading/googling, talking to friends and fellow momma and off course our talented Soul team, I finally got my queries fixed. So here I am sharing the details.

The major difference is the size of the carrier and the fit for the baby which changes with the baby. in the left picture I am wearing T in SHINE Soul Slings Full Buckle -Toddler and on the right Picture he is upheld in RIVA Soul Sling Full Buckle Standard.

They are similar in terms of overall pattern and structure, the difference can be seen in terms with the right fit.  I prefer buying a toddler as can be used in a longer run.  As per brands website the dimensions are as below

Full Buckle STANDARD

  • Weight recommendation: 7 – 18 kg (15 – 40 lb) approx.
  • Seat width (knee-to-knee): 15.5 inches.
  • Body panel height: 17 inches.

Full Buckle – TODDLER

  • Weight recommendation: 11 – 22 kg (25 – 50 lb) approx.
  • Seat width (knee-to-knee): 19 inches.
  • Body panel height: 18.5 inches.

Also I can observe that the seating space is little better for T in a Toddler carrier as he is a healthy baby and I am to on a higher side on the scale. Plus considering his height his knees are out and comfortable position in the toddler Full Buckle.  I suggest you to read my previous posts on detailed review of the toddler carrier here and why I chose to wear my toddler

So always consider your baby’s height as well as weight to chose the right carrier. I hope few of your doubts would be clear, do let me know in comments below if you have any specific doubts on the sizing .

Don’t  forget to read my marathon blogs on how to find your right baby carrier – it shall cover all the aspects of choosing a right brand, right fabric, right style.

Always remember baby carrier though may sound pricey but would be useful for a couple of years, so invest in a right carrier and give attention to cleaning and maintaining them well.

Moreover a beauty like AnoonA deserves a separate post, will share my views of the beautiful carrier in next post.

Till then, take care and have a Happy baby wearing journey!!

Gunjan <3

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