Travelling with an infant (Easy packing guide)

Travelling without planning may be adventurous for few but as a mommy with an infant, it may not be an easy case for many. You never know how would the baby react to the change. Change in almost everything- place, people, the temperature even small things like- his or her playmates, toys and whatnot. You can’t carry his entire world with you. But with a little planning rather thoughtful planning Travelling with an infant can be much easier.

So first of all, first things first:

How to prepare before you Travel with an infant

  • Don’t try to change the baby’s routine at least to the extent possible during vacation or even during travelling. Maintain the schedule if your baby has one. Else try to make one few days prior you travel. It would just make your life easier.
  • Always prioritise for stuff and toys which make your baby happy and preferred, even if it’s a sipper or a spoon of his choice. Don’t experiment with your selection now.
  • Pack light: I always buy baby care product in big sizes (as they are much economical) and keep the empty sample/small size bottles of the products safe. They are so handy and you can easily pour products in these cute small bottles and carry in your diaper bag. ( you may use the same product’s smaller bottle or if using any other please don’t forget to label them. You might not want to mess up and you never know if you would need some help from others).
  • Always Google up the weather of the place and pack baby wear accordingly. It makes packing and Travelling with an infant easier.
  • Ensure to carry a few pairs of additional clothes. You may also want to mix and match but still carry a few extra ones. Something easy and light like a romper or a onesie paired up with a legging/shorts/skirts.
  • Carry essentials (you may refer the list below) in your diaper bag/any other bag which is handy and the one you would be carrying most of the time. When Travelling with an infant, try to check in as much as you can. Even in the checked-in luggage try to pack things you would need immediately on top and in order of priority.
  • I prefer making a small packet of clothes set including matching inners and diapers. You may opt for any order you are comfortable. Mom’s like me have some amazing talent to just dig in and come it with the required stuff even when it’s a mess… lol.
Diaper bag essential
A spacious yet lightweight carry bag is a must when Travelling with an infant

What to Pack- DIAPER BAG ESSENTIALS while travelling

  • Babycare/toiletries (the small travel size pack)
  • Baby formula, bottles and Warm water ( if the baby is not completely breastfed)
  • Nursing cloth and breast pump if the baby is breastfed, you can easily pump and carry if you shy from feeding in public. 
  • Baby weaning food items -depending on your baby’s likes and your travel time. Home-cooked or easy to make cereal available in the market.
  • Some hanky/tissues, soft wipes suitable for baby. 
  • Baby bib -if weaning (it even helps while feeding)
  • Diapers. You may choose to cloth diaper or use disposable ones depending on your travel time, have 1-2 extra one in case it is soiled.
  • One extra pair of clothing – just in case the one gets soiled
  • Baby teething/other toys/ Board Books to keep your baby engaged.
  • Some mosquito repellent
  • Some candies or nutri-bar for YOU. You may also need some energy while taking Care of your little munchkin.
  • Any other thing your kid enjoys.


Mom’s know best how to keep kids happy and engaged and hope these tips help Travelling with your infant a breeze.  Have an exciting trip. Let n know if this helps…😀😀



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  • Pradeep

    Thanks a great list. Thanks

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  • Ankita

    My first vacation with my daughter was not all pleasant as I was traveling alone but learnt Many things

  • Great tips for moms who are afraid to plan a travel with babies and toddlers. Sharing this.

  • I remember my first long vacation with my kiddo, it was an unforgettable one. I you are well prepared in advance, things do get easy. Helpful post for first-time parents.

  • I travelled tree time within the first year of my son. SO I very well understand the importance of packing right and light both. This is great post really. All these points are so helpful.

  • Well yes travelling with a kid gets real tough at times if you do not carry right, planned well and prioritize. My little one is 5 but I still get goose bumps thinking about travel with her. Great pointers and lovely post.

  • Reading this just in time. Will be travelling this week and in the process of making lists. Thank you

  • anupriya

    The keyword to note here is ‘thoughtful planning’ – If you put some thought into planning your trip with your little one you will know that it isn’t that difficult either. Your list of Baby Bag Essentials is very exhaustive.

  • Mahak @babyandbeyondin

    First point is super important..babies need their schedule. We always try to plan travel around baby’s schedule, especially his naps.

  • Travelling light is so essential. With twins, we just couldn’t help but travel with double amount of things. Google check on weather and all is quite wise!

  • Sonam

    I’m looking for this as I’m traveling with explained very well and in detailed form .

  • That’s such a detailed list of necessities! Definitely a very helpful post for first time mom-travellers

  • Great list of diaper essentials. I remember as a new mom checking and rechecking my bag before I stepped out just in case this is such a handy list to have not just on flight can be modified for everyday too!

  • Lovely post! Ive traveled so much with my baby already and had written a similar post. I agree with all your points ❤️❤️

  • So helpful post …as travelling nxt month..was nervous to travel with baby…bt by reading this feeling relieve…..

    • Dont panic, just keep all things you feel might need handy with you. For this you need to study it lo’ s behaviour to understand his needs…

  • True travelling with an infant we need to be prepared a lot. If in case we miss something in the diaper bag I keep stuffs for the whole family in the car and every other thing will be in the car for safety starting from the diaper to dress to hand sanitizer etc. Have come up with a list on my blog you can go through that when you are free


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