How to choose a right car?

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choose a right car
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As they say, a car is a second largest purchase you will ever make (after a house). So picking the right car for yourself is crucial. With so many brands and models available to choose, isn’t it an extremely difficult and challenging process. Further to add to our confusion, new design and models are being introduced all the time too.

To avoid this tedious task few of us tend to re-buy the same car or the revised model of the same car they had- definitely missing out on the new and better choices available. Few on other hand prefer to take suggestions and recommendations from family and friends while the remaining ones either do their own research or buy something fancy to their eye or even follow what their favourite celebrity endorse.

So if you are planning to buy your right car, It is important to take your time during the process. Rushing to make a purchase won’t help, just think through all below points and write them on a piece of paper. This shall help you enjoy the process of shortlisting the right car for yourself.

1. What’s your need?

List down how and where you would be driving your car, your family size, your daily average commuting distance. This shall help you shortlist on the make, size and variant.

2. What’s your budget?

Write down the range/budget allocated or how you will be going to finance your car- out of pocket or loan. A smart move could be to find out your expected monthly car expenses — EMI payment, insurance premium, fuel charges, allocation for any maintenance, repairs, etc.

3. What’s the feedback?

There are many websites, mobile applications available today that not only have tools that allow you to filter your search by price, vehicle category, but also help you add to your research by providing reviews from automotive experts and owners of the same car.

Even if you are sure of the brand and make you want, it is still important to look at competing models. The market is so much crowded these days, that it might be easy to overlook a model that might better suit your needs than your initial top pick. Once again don’t rush this part of the process, because once you get a new car, you’ll have to live with it for years.

4. How is feel the wheel?

Don’t be hesitant to test drive all the choices you shortlist. It shall give you a first-hand experience of the how the car feels and how does it wheel. Dedicate one full day and schedule test drives of all your shortlisted models.

5. Finalize your decision?

After your test drive your shortlisted, if you’re still undecided, go back to the mobile applications or websites and pull in a new candidate. But if your decision is obvious, you can move on to the make the deal phase.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your emotions and intuition will play a part in your choice. There’s nothing wrong with that — have a good time doing your research or talking to your family and friends about it. Follow the practical approach and list down all the choices and keep deleting the ones which don’t meet your criteria. Then you’ll have a car that you enjoy and that serves your needs.

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