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Top winter flowers which you can grow easily

Winter is such a beautiful time around here with cool breezes and the mild yet exquisite warmth of the afternoon sun. It’s an experience, that makes this almost dreamy environment all the more magical. What I loved the most this season is sitting in my balcony garden with a cup of hot tea, or munching some chikki’s and enjoying the sunlight with a view of the winter flowers which you can grow easily. All the gorgeous dahlias and marigolds make my indoor garden so colourful! 

If you are thinking to grow your own winter garden, it’s not late yet. You may still have a flourishing winter flower garden if you take these quite simple and easy-to-grow Winter Flowers in India. Just follow my Winter Flowers grow and care tips and you can grow in your own garden with just a bit of care.

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Steps to Grow winter flowers easily from Seeds 

  • Buy good quality winter flower seeds and potting soil. Good seeds have better germination rates and good soil adds the right nutrition for them
  • Sow the seeds, around 1 inch deep in a potting mix. You may find a good potting mix online or at a nursery near you. But If you would like to make your own- 70% vermicompost with 30% sand or cocopeat.
  • While sowing, ensure that these seeds don’t overlap each other and have enough space around them.
  • The 
  • The best time to sow winter flower seeds is just before the winter sets in, i.e October end to mid-November when the ideal temperature for these winter flowers is 10° to 25° Celcius.
  • After 15 to 20 days, you would notice that the seedlings have grown to about 3-4 inches tall. At this point, they can be transplanted to a bigger pot.
  • For the bigger pot choose at least 6 inches deep pot for roots to grow easily. Use 30% organic/vermicompost, 20% fine sand and 50% Normal soil. 

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Top beautiful winter flowers to grow yourself


1) Alyssum

alyssum winter flower

This flower is also known as “sweet” alyssum. Alyssum is a must-have if you like to have bees and butterflies hovering around in your garden. Hindi Name : एलिसा फूल | Elisa Phool 

Growing tips: Alyssum seeds can be planted in a pot or directly on the ground. sow the seeds closer to get a flower carpet look. These need well-moisturized soil to flower and at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight for better flowering.
Plant the seeds 8 – 10 weeks before the last frost date.


2) Calendula or Pot Marigold

Pot marigold is an absolute must-have winter flower. Itscalendula pot marigold flowers petals and seeds are used in several different processes to aid skin restoration. They come in orange and yellow shades which brighten up the winter garden. Hindi Name : गेंदा | Genda

Growing tips: It can be planted directly into the garden or in large containers filled with organic potting soil, at least 6-8 weeks before the last frost.
It takes around 5 – 15 days for the seeds of calendula to germinate, and then around 45 days to mature from seed to flower.


3) Snapdragons or Dog Flower

The snapdragon plant comes in various colours and grows easily in India during the winter season.snapdragon flower

Growing tips: Grow them in full sunlight for better blooming. Keep the soil moist for the first few weeks, after which water one inch every week in terms of no rainfall. Make sure to water them near the crown of the plant.

Snapdragons are most often planted indoors, 8 -10 weeks from the last frost date.


4) Dahlia

Dahlia plants are really a collector’s dream for their beautiful flowers. they need general growth and care measures for growing. Name in Hindi: डहेलिया 


Growing tips: These require plenty of sunlight and good soil for flowering and they need high nutrient density.

So, don’t forget to add regular fertilizer, If you’re planting small dahlia plants, it’s okay to have them spaced 12 inches apart. Big ones, however, require to be kept 3 feet apart from each other.



5) Nasturtium

The thing so spectacularly good about nasturtium, other than its vibrant colours, is that its flowers and leaves are edible. Their pleasant fragrance and vibrant colours make them great ground cover plants. They are also good for fresh cuts. What’s more? Children love having them around! Name in Hindi: जलकुंभी | Jalkumbhi 

Growing tips: You can start by planting the nasturtium seeds indoors 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost.

Planting the seeds in full sun in moist fully drained soil is the best planting condition for Nasturtium. Yes, you can plant the seeds in partial shade, but the blossoms aren’t as rewarding. DO NOT use fertilizers unless your soil is too poor. Nasturtium produces lesser blossoms when fertile soil is used. Plant the seeds about half an inch deep into the soil.


6) Phlox

Also known as garden phlox, these plants have the potential to grow upto 5 feet tall. What better way to describe its beauty than in the words of plant breeder Karl Foerster:

“A garden without phlox is not not only a sheer mistake but a sin against summer”

Phlox Name in Hindi: पटुआ | patua 

Growing tips: Phlox is a native woodland plant, so it can grow in partial sunlight, but growing in full sunlight doesn’t hurt. Let it sit in the sun for about 6 hours a day.

Well-drained moist fertile soil, with rich compost and other organic manure (cow dung serves best) works well for planting these plants. Space the plants around 18 to 24 inches apart from each other, and plant them after the last frost.


7) Nemesia

Nemesia is a low-maintenance plant that blooms in various different colours and smells pretty amazing. It also doesn’t require much effort to grow. 

Growing tips: Nemesia is a plant that prefers to be kept in the sun a lot. Preferably, around six hours of sunshine a day keeps it in a healthy state. Keep the soil highly moist. A lack of moisture can keep it from blooming. Every growing season, the plant would require the application of fertilizer. Water-soluble fertilizers are best for growing plants.



8) Osteospermum

Osteospermums or African daisies (as they’re popularly known) are a joy to behold for any garden owner, and that’s why these beauties have made it into our list as well. They are large plants and have the potential to grow up to 36 inches tall. These flowers are simply stunning and are a treat to watch when they’re planted in masses. 

Growing tips: African daisies bloom during bright lighting. They close up during the night when it gets dark. So you might not want these flowers in your garden if you’re a night person.

These plants need at least an inch of water per week to stay hydrated. They are pretty drought tolerant, however, if not watered regularly they can tend to grow slowly and go dormant. Osteospermum is really a cool-climate plant, and hence it tends to cease blooming during times of drought.


9) Petunia

Petunias are one of the most popular flowers on our list. And quite rightly so. Grown as annuals, these bright, vibrant flowers are a delight to have in one’s garden. They’re planting is easy, and practically anyone can grow them. Hindi Name: पेटुनिया 

Growing tips: Petunias can be grown from seeds, but it would be a lot easier to have them grow as transplants. Start planting the seeds 10 to 12 weeks from the last frost date. Have them watered regularly.
Planting petunias in full light instead of partial light helps increase the number of blossoms. Space the plants at least 1 foot apart.



10) Cineraria

If you like small, yet beautiful flowering plants, then the cineraria plants are the way to go. These are colourful plants that have daisy-like features surrounded by dark green leaves. Cineraria plants can reach heights of up to 20 inches depending on the variety. They are mostly plants that are used as “gifts” for people. Hindi Name: सिनेरिया 

Growing tips: Cineraria is an indoor plant, and hence direct sunlight can be quite harmful to it. Hence, place it in places with very high indirect light. Make sure the place to plant cineraria is also cool. Windows facing North or East have a more cooling effect than South and West-facing ones. Keep the plant moist. However, make sure it’s not too wet or soggy.





Growing your own plants requires a little bit of dedication, care, and patience. We hope that you were able to choose the winter flowers which you can grow easily. Let us know in the comments what all flowers are you growing this winter season in India. If you ever need help related to gardening and the nitty-gritty of it, we’re just a click away.




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  • Flowers cheer me up any day – they are so colorful and I feel they add the best color to any dull day. During winters its tough for the plants too, glad to know these are winter plants this post was a good learning.

  • I’m happy to know that these beautiful flowers can be grown in the harsh winter season. …would love to see them blossom in my garden:)

    • yay! do try out any of these, buy from a local nursery or buy a bud from amazon to start with it.

  • This post is timely because I was thinking about changing out my balcony garden pot. This is such a detailed post that I’m curious which one is the easiest to grow.

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    Dahlia and Jalkumbhi are definitely going to grace my garden now. Thank you so much for such wonderful recommendations. And i just enjoyed seeing those bright petalled flowers.

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  • Gardening is my another passion and I have a small garden which bloom during the winters with colorful and Vibrant flowers…. So few of the flowers are also known to me as winter flowers. But there is a tragedy with me … the flowers don’t get chance to bloom for long as the monkeys are there to break in large numbers

  • These are some great recommendations to see garden bloom with colors. But in winters proper sunlight is a challenge for longer hours in flats, will look for home plant suggestions on your blog.


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