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How to blend Oil Pastels

Oil pastels colours are one such inexpensive art supply that has so many different application for painting with kids. They are bright, colourful, soft and easy to hold and colour for kids. Keep reading to know how to blend Oil Pastels painting with kids using simple steps and techniques.  And make impressive paintings with kids at home  with this easily available under rated colour supply. 

blend oil pastels
Oil pastels are the most inexpensive yet versatile form of art supply for kids! 

If you think Oil pastels are just the cheapest form of colours for kids You are right, but there is more.  Everything about oil pastels is magical- their textures, pigmentation of colours, affordability or availability. The best part is that isn’t too messy hence a win-win when painting with kids at home. We can do so with oil pastels if we know how to blend Oil Pastels well! Even professional artists seem to use the art of blending oil pastels in their paintings.  Here are a few ideas to learn how to blend Oil Pastels painting with kids.


Crayon or oil pastels- Which is easy?

Basically, whatever a crayon colour can do an oil pastel can do better. Crayons are the most common kid’s art supply, but these oil pastels are more vibrant and versatile. Oil pastels are softer colours than crayon colour. This makes colouring large spaces or pictures with heavy and vibrant colour much easier and less tiresome than with crayons. This makes them just more fun to colour with!


How to blend Oil Pastels with kids

The oil pastel blending technique is a great way to allow your child to experiment with the layering of the colours. This helps them create a new colour and achieve a smooth texture with no cleanup process. You may start with just 1-2 oil colours at a time and later build up with more colours. 

  • The important thing to note here is that Oil pastels build-up on the paper. And that is what allows these colours to blend easily.  So, always lay one colour an inch or so away from one other. Start colouring the second colour until it overlaps the colour itself. 
  • for practice, encourage the child to colour with the white onto a colour. Later use coloured oil pastel to blend into the white. 
  • Getting to a smooth transition may take more than one layer of colour!  So, it important to keep going back and forth to build up the colour and then blend.

The objective of this exercise for kids is to understand the mixing of colours. The new colours and the textures of the outcome of blending oil pastels painting is so much fun to watch. Is it said, that learning how to blend oil pastels is just another tool for kids to experiment with different hues to colours.


Tip to remember when blending Oil Pastels 

blend Oil Pastels

You can blend colours by layering them.  Chose a soft medium to blend oil pastel colours for a smoother effect. The blending works best with a soft cloth or a Q-tip with a bit of baby oil.


There could be various possible ways to practice oil pastel art when you learn How to blend Oil Pastels painting with kids with your kids. You may try going ahead making beautiful professional paintings with oil pastels too as they are so versatile.

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