What is real Beauty- Filter or #NoFilter?

I recently heard the #NoFilter initiative by Vicco group and Big FM, and it left me quite impressed. The campaign communicates the underlying message of Ayurveda as a viable alternative to any chemical-based cosmetic creams or medicines. And unlike other skincare creams it only focuses on having beautiful, shiny and healthy skin. Along with giving the necessary confidence to feel good about our skin complexion and challenging the youth to upload their #Nofilter pictures on their social media. Its time we rethink about what is real beauty- the one with filters or unfiltered.

Do you remember the Vicco Turmeric jingle-“Vicco Turmeric, nahi cosmetic, Vicco turmeric ayurvedic cream”. It took me on a nostalgic trip to my teens when my mother gave me this on getting my first pimple.

What is real beauty?

The advertisement left me thinking to the true meaning of what is real beauty. Is it what we really think it is?

For ages, we women have been fed with pre-conceived notions of what is a real beauty. From cartoons to stories, from Bollywood to real life, it always showed perfection. Someone tall, with long shiny hair, beautiful fair skin, skinny legs, body curves all at the right places was perceived to be beautiful. It also led women and young girls to believe that there can only be this one kind of beauty, which eventually shattered their dreams and self-confidence.

Filters and Beauty on Social Media

To add to more to it, came the social media era, where sharing cool pictures, beautiful places and pretty self-became a fad. In order to get likes, comments and appreciations we often use various beauty filters to make our pictures look gorgeous. But have you ever thought if that’s really worth it?

Instead, why don’t we encourage the idea of real beauty by encouraging women to redefine beauty ideals and reveal their true selves? Instead of looking for picture-perfect via filters, why not look forward to having healthy skin. Let’s start the coming new year by redefining the meaning of beauty- our own kind of beautiful with #NoFilter.

My journey to find my confidence

I have been a normal girl with a normal Indian skin tone. I too have faced a lot of insecurity and low self-confidence while growing up due to my skin colour and texture. During family functions, I was often compared with other girls in the family basis their beauty or skin colour. Until I was 21 and landed in my management college with good grades, I wasn’t confident in my skin.

With time and lots of positive things coming my way, I gained confidence in my oily and sensitive skin. I then learnt that beauty is more of what we think and believe and not what others perceives it to be. Then on, my complete focus was to maintain healthy and blemish-free skin. I often used homemade face packs made from gram flour, curd and turmeric. Until I was re-introduced to Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream, which is known to have turmeric and sandalwood. We all know the benefits of turmeric on our skin, it is used for generations to get that healthy skin with a golden glow. That’s one of the reasons, it is used during wedding rituals also.

What is real Beauty

Vicco Turmeric Cream is indeed one of the best natural remedies for most skin problems. It is trusted for generations as it helps to remove blackheads, fade spots and pimple marks. So let’s forget all the filters and get our own Natural Beauty Filter.

22 thoughts on “What is real Beauty- Filter or #NoFilter?

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  • I have always been a natural person and love the natural beauty over makeup. Confidence and strength from within naturally boosts your beauty without any artificial filters or products. Vicco turmeric with sandal and turmeric has been used in Indian household since ages.

  • Beauty is who you are and embracing your own uniqueness. I love the campaign started by Vicco cream. Such a trusted product has always anchored on revealing your true self.

  • I believe in no filter when it comes to photos…accept the way you are and have positive self image is the key to happy life. and same thing we should teach our new generations as well.

  • Much needed post to be read by youngsters who use all kinds of filters and touch up their pics and actually kill their personalities.Beauty radiates from within us..the exterior is just a mask.I have never used Vicco turmeric somehow.My beauty ingredients are all from my kitchen and beauty is just skin no filters at all for me!

  • Totally love the Vicco body lotion and Vicco cream.. vicca has been a name resembling from my childhood. Always trust their products

  • Oh yes, me too. Grown up with Vicco products. Tooth paste and skin cream, Infact the Vicco skin cream was an one solution for all skin ailments. Loved your post and happy Alexa to you

  • Great take on the brand prompt. Yes, growing up Vicco was a brand of choice and in recent times one is happy to see it in the hands of the younger lot.

  • Jyoti Jha

    Accepting only the natural beauty and using the original ‘no filter’ is extremely important. Very well penned article. The No filter drive was amazing and we need more of the kind to recreate the definition of beauty!

  • I believe that beauty is being beautiful inside out so just texture and colour of skin doesn’t define us. It’s a lot more than that.

  • Indians are obsessed with fair skin and good looks , thankfully now this perception is Changing .I have also used Vicco turmeric cream during my college days 🙂

  • AffiliateLabz

    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

  • I love Vicco products. They are made of pure herbs and use perfect herbs for perfect reasons. I am planning a big variety of Vicco products not only because they are Indian but also because they are effective.

  • Aditi Vashishtha

    This is such amazing blog,you have written so well ,true beauty is always expecting your flaws and being confidence in your skin.


  • jhilmildsaha

    This cream reminds me of my childhood days when those fancy 1000 bucks creams were not in vogue. This cream has such a nice fragrance.

  • Vicco Turmeric works well for skin problems. Just that it leaves a stain on clothes but works well.u

  • I try to avoid filters but sometimes a filter gives the new dimension to the picture of place I have clicked. So occassionally I use it but I agree with you real beauty is without any filter like vicco

  • I’ve never used the cream but this was famous in almost every household. Filter is not always good, it might boost someone’s confidence but for long run #nofilter and accepting our own natural skin is so so important. I might try this cream for my sister who has scars due to acne-prone skin.

  • To me real beauty is my confidence and strong mental state that help me to win all my fights. Bdw, I love vicco turmeric cream as it reminds me of my childhood. I have grown up only seeing my mom using only one product that’s it.


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