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Things that make me a happy mom

Few things in life always bring happiness but that happiness is incomplete if you don’t have someone to share it with. I have always been a happy introvert person all my life. Some called me shy, some name it lack of confidence and I too quite believed the same. But now when I go down the memory lane, I think I missed a lot of my childhood days busy doing things myself. It’s not that I am regretting those days as I was never one or wanted to be one that we call a people’s person. I was happy (I still am ;)) happy when alone. But somehow when I see kids doing so many things and having fun, I wish I had those days back and I could change a little bit of me. Back then, if you give me a book, a laptop (it was a computer then) or some papers to draw and sketch, I could have a lot in one of the room and found ways that kept me engrossed. Then with time things changed, priorities changed and I got blessed to hold this little munchkin #LittleTuggu and felt that everything stopped and its just me and him. Our days and night being together, doing things together gave me happiness. I wanted to re-live my childhood moments with my son and this time I wanted to make it big time… 🙂

This was my plan and I promised myself during my pregnancy that I would not let these moments let go. Things I wish I could have done then, I wanted to do now.

We all love our kiddos and wouldn’t trade them in for anything, but being a mom is HARD. It is rewarding sure, but also overwhelming and exhausting! Being a mom makes us happy, in theory, but sometimes it is hard to remember to be happy when we are in the midst of parenting.

Here is my Top Ten list of tiny moments out of my days that make me happy and help me to find the joy in parenting.

10. When the whole house is clean, preferably by my housekeeper every morning. This moment of bliss normally lasts about 10 minutes before the little throw up, spills, on the floor, .. But for that 10 minutes or so, I am very happy!

9. Similar to number one, the five minutes when ALL of the laundry is done!

8. When #LittleTuggu takes a good long nap and I realize I have at least TWO to THREE hours to myself, in which to clean, workout, run errands, fold laundry, etc. But I get to do it ALONE!

7. That moment Papa P is home and T hasn’t slept, I am happy that my kid will get some more time with his dad and I can go around without a tail for some time 🙂

6. When you go out for a walk and see so many kids there, shouting, jumping and you realize that your kid is not as bad as you thought…at least not at in public.

5. When I get T to eat all meals of a day without any spill or vomit, it feels like I have conquered the world and keep boasting about it for a day or two.

4. When I try to explain something important yet technical to T when he does something wrong and I can see his expressions change as if he understood but he would repeat the same mistake again and look me in the eye with that naughty smile!! that’s too frustrating yet funny. though it makes me out of my mind at times but still that smile takes it all.

3. When T gets all tired from the walks and monkeying around in the park and sleeps early that day. Those lucky days I also get to be in bed early, lay my legs straight and get in a deep thought and snooze the world. the feeling is beyond explanation. I am sure all new mons would relate to me here 😉

2. When I feel insane and shout at T or even shout at myself or cry at times and he comes running to me saying “mammaaa” and come to give me a hug… Do I need to say more…

1. When I hear T laugh. Like really laugh. A good, belly laugh. Sweetest sound I have ever heard or will ever hear in my lifetime. And these happen the most when I get to play around with him for the most of our time together. Those moments which are worry-free to mob and clean -pee or poo and free from laundry of dozens of clothes which gets messed up along with it.

Yes, I keep him in diapers, not the regular ones which have plastic contents and may give rashes. I keep him in CLOTH DIAPERS, during days and night too. These Cloth Diapers have the goodness of cloth and absorption like disposables. We love our SuperBottoms Cover Diapers during daytime and SuperBottoms All in One (AIO) diapers during night time or travelling. They are made up of High Quality super thirsty cotton and the outer layer is PUL, which is completely leak proof. .

These high-quality Cloth Diapers are safe for baby’s gentle skin as its cloth which touches their bottoms and hence there is no chance of getting any rashes unlike form the disposable ones. To know more tips and tricks on how you may cloth diaper using bare minimum stash read my post on My Cloth Diaper Journey  and I have been frequently talking about how they added so much happiness to my motherhood .. Cloth Diapering is easy and no rocket science, you just need a right fit which you can easily learn from tutorial videos available on Superbottoms Website.

Our love for Superbottoms and how convenient they are on my Instagram, do follow Tuggu.n.mommy to know more

We all want to love and care for all possible things for our child but with so many things on the mind (and hand too) it gets so difficult to manage all. But cloth Diapering my baby has sorted my life to a large extent. I am worried free for any rash and I am able to observe the tiniest of hues of my child and take care of it and not start running cleaning or worry thinking about the excessive laundry which I may have if using the traditional langots. Washing these cloth Diapers is also easy, just flush off the solids and rinse the diapers before putting them in the washing machine along with other clothes.

And last but not the least, being able to understand and not adding more plastic dump to landfills, which may take forever to decompose. That merrythought of giving back to my society and helping give a better (at least I am adding my share) environment to my child. That is something which makes me a HAPPY HAPPY MOM 🙂

Finally I would like to conclude that to find a way to savour and appreciate all of your moments of happiness. It will make the rough ones easier to get through!

Till then, Take Care

Gunjan <3


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