10 Baby Proofing Home Precautions for Your Baby

With a newborn baby in the house, you need to up the safety measures. You might think that the home is one of the safest places for your child, but what you don’t know is that there might be dangers hidden. So, how can you protect your baby from these unseen dangers? That is why proper precaution is essential for a home with a baby around. You need to ensure that the baby’s safety is your highest priority. We are talking about baby-proofing and all sorts of precautions for the safety of your baby. Here we have some tips to help you out. 


Some Baby Proofing Tips for New Parents

With the help of the tips that we have, you will be able to take proper precautionary baby proofing measures for the safety of your baby. 


  • Don’t Keep The Baby In The Water Alone 


Well, babies love warm water baths, don’t they? They love to play and stuff. There are some other benefits of warm water that makes it the best for the babies. But if you leave them alone and unsupervised in the water for a long time, then you are making a mistake. They might even end up hurting themselves due to unintended actions. So, avoid doing that in the first place. 


  • Babies Shouldn’t Be Near Chemicals Or Solutions 


The babies tend to be very inquisitive, and that can be a problem sometimes. Many detergents and pesticides have an odour that is alluring to the babies. So, a curious baby would go there and want to touch it. Afterwards, they will put that hand in their mouth, and that is one of the most dangerous things ever. So, leaving chemicals and detergents near the baby is a strict no. 


  • There Shouldn’t Be A Mess in the Child’s Sleeping Area 


Most parents want to fill up their babies’ rooms and sleeping areas with toys, pillows and cute blankets. However, that is something that can be dangerous. Well, you see the babies tend to pull things over them because they don’t have a sense of control. Trapped under such heavy mess, the baby could suffocate. So, bad idea!


  • No Electrical Outlets 


This is a very important precautionary measure that you need to know about. The plug points and the outlets should be kept away from the babies. They might want to put their hands inside the sockets, and that could lead to serious consequences such as shocks. So, don’t place the plug points where the baby can reach them. 


  • Say No to The Smaller Toys 


Did we say earlier that babies tend to put things in their mouths? Didn’t we? Well, you ought to know that because if you give your child some small toys, then it can be dangerous. The toys that are small enough to fit their mouths might often get clogged up in their throats and scratch it. Not to mention that they will choke and suffocate. Surely you don’t want that for your child. 


  • Smoke Alarms Are A Must 


Fire can be one of the most serious and dangerous issues for children. If there is a fire in the house, the smoke from it can be very dangerous as it causes suffocation and coughing. If you want your baby to be safe from that, installing smoke alarms would be a great idea. You will be able to find out even if there is a small fire and put it out before it harms the baby. 


  • Secure All the Openings 


If you have a newborn baby, then you need to baby proof the house for the safety of the baby. Well, what is baby proofing, you might wonder. Baby proofing is when you secure all the different openings and entrances such as doors, drawers, cabinets, and other locations so that the baby is not able to open it. This is one of the most important tips for sure. 


  • Proper Care for Pet Interactions 


Your baby and your pet will become good friends for sure. But, that can wait. Taking proper care during the interactions so that the baby and the pets don’t end up harming each other is very important. Don’t let the noise of the pet bother the baby and don’t let the baby treat the pet as a toy.


  • Have A First Aid Kit Handy 


You need to always have a first aid kit in case of an emergency. If the baby hurts itself in the house, then it is not always possible to rush to a doctor. So, having a first aid kit with band-aids and stuff can be a great help for sure. We also recommend that you keep lotions and other stuff handy during emergencies. 


  • Be Attentive Always 


Taking care of the baby isn’t an easy task for people. You need to be attentive in all cases. Keep an eye on the baby even if you are not in the same room. You might not know where the danger lies. So, being vigilant is something that is important. You always need to make sure that your baby is properly protected. One mistake and the consequences could be dire. 

So, these are some of the tips for baby proofing for the safety of your baby. Make sure that you follow these precautionary measures carefully to make your home a safe and secure environment for your child. 


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  • mommysmagazine

    Informative post .A must read for every parent.Considering the number of kids accidental deaths happening all around the world,baby safety cannot be taken lightly. Not even for a moment.

    • admin

      Thats right, Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to read and share your thoughts. Really appreciate it!

  • Your post took me back in time when my son was a toddler and how we had to literally take care of many such tiny things that could be dangerous with the child around! Very helpful post.

  • I like all these ideas for baby proofing the home .We need to keep chemicals away from children otherwise there can be serious problems.Fire alarm is important

  • Neha Sharma

    Great post, Gunjan and a must-read by every new parent. We tried to baby proof our house before the arrival of our newborn but few things we learned later through experience, you have covered all.

  • There’s going yo be arrival of my neice/nephew in our home and im glad i caught your blog at the right time

  • I went a little crazy and a bit overboard when I had my first baby. Now to think of it, I guess I did what every other mom did! Very useful post.

  • Keeping babies in water bath unsupervised is very dangerous! Removing smaller toys, keeping the play area mess free and blocking all electrical outlets is important! Nice post!

  • Mrinal Kiran

    I remember once my younger cousin put a bolt in her nose and it got stuck! Keeping kids area mess free and removing small stuffs is extremely important!

  • I’ve seen many accident with little ignorance especially with warm food items. These tips is going to help a lot.

  • Baby proofing a home is very important for their safety. You’ve given some very good tips here, especially for pets and small toys.

  • Such a informative article, earlier I had nightmare
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  • Agreed 1000%. I second the point few people ignore is filling the baby sleeping area with toys, pillows and blankets.. too hazardous.

  • Baby proofing the house is a must be done activity and that too before the baby arrives. These are some great tips. Thank you so much.

  • With babies around the house one needs to take that much extra care. A normal house can be a place full of dangers when there is a baby around. You have outlined some really sensible steps to be taken to baby proof the house.

  • I found all these methods very useful.Have started using them for better child proofing nowadays

  • Babyproofing house with baby around is a must and Kedy has surely covered all necessary points to avoid any accident.

  • Very useful post! I am a mother of 2.8 years old toddler. I totally agree with the pointers which you have mentioned. It is very essential to keep the surroundings safe. Kid’s safety should be the first priority.

  • Very useful post! I am a mother of 2.8 years old toddlers. I totally agree it is very essential to keep the surr

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