It is so important to teach kids good values and be happy always. It is not sensible to teach kids to get angry or shout on someone if take their toys or touch their stuff. .
I believe in sharing, caring and smiling 😍and try to inculcate the same in my 10 monther.
After all the kids will grow watching and learning from you.. so better watch your actions and behaviour in front of them ☺
Speaking loudly or shouting at them will only trouble your health and will make them stubborn.
Love and affection is all what they need.
Let your actions speak more than you.
👉Say “please” and “thank you” while talking to them
👉 speak softly and politely
👉 Give them respect to get respect
👉Don’t compare them with others
👉boost their confidence by saying happy words
👉 Appreciate them even if they wear wrong slippers and help them with the right way
👉 teach them sharing and caring
so what do you plan to teach them today?

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