Pampers Preemies diapers for the ‘Little Fighters’

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There is nothing as powerful as a mother’s love and it is this love that all the ‘Little Fighters’ need. This is especially important as 35 lakh preemie babies are born in India every year – the highest in the world. These babies need special care to overcome their challenges, especially in India, where the intensive care infrastructure for premature babies has a massive room for development. While the survival rates are increasing due to improvement in access to neonatal healthcare, these babies fight against all odds to survive.

Current diapering situation for Preemie babies

Currently in most hospitals across India, diapers meant for full term babies are cut into smaller sizes. These are then used on the premature or preemie babies due to non-availability of specialized diapers. At this stage, a good quality diaper helps in keeping the baby’s skin dry, which aids in an undisturbed sleep for the baby, in keeping its delicate skin healthy and also in preventing any infection or cold due to wetness.


Preemie diapers by Pampers India

The International World Preemie (Premature Baby) Day falls on 17 November. On this occasion, staying true to the brand objective of caring for the happy, healthy development of every baby. Pampers India is launching special diapers for Preemie babies in India. These diapers would come in 3 sizes: -3, -2, -1 and would wrap even a baby as light as 500 g in the softest comfort of a diaper. This would be the smallest diaper ever.

These new Pampers preemie diapers are its smallest diaper ever. These diapers are specially designed with NICU nurses for the delicate skin of premature or preemie babies.


Pampers India’s donation drive

Further, in order to support the well- being of premature babies in India, Pampers has partnered with major government hospitals in four cities for a donation of special diapers for premature babies. These hospitals house some of the largest NICU units in India. 

They are even donating these premie diapers to hospitals that need them the most. Currently, they are donating the products to major Government hospitals across the country that need them the most. And have already signed up a donation drive with the following hospitals:

  • Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi
  • KEM Hospital, Mumbai
  • Sion Hospital, Mumbai
  • Nair Hospital, Mumbai
  • King George Medical University, Lucknow

Soon, they will be available in other government and private hospitals too.

Do spread the word and help create an awareness, let’s have the best diapering available for the preemie babies.

20 Thoughts to “Pampers Preemies diapers for the ‘Little Fighters’”

  1. This is an amazing motive and a n amazing gesture.. Hats off to pampers for that!

  2. Premature babies need special care. A big thanks to pampers for introducing such mini diapers.

  3. Papri Ganguly

    Premature baby needs more love and care . This is a great initiative by the brand . This will be helpful for many moms

  4. This is a great initiative by Pampers. More and more companies should do the stuff like this for preemie babies.

  5. jhilmildsaha

    These diapers are really revolutionary as its very difficult to find one for preemies.

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