Term Insurance Plans for your family

Term Insurance Plans for your family

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Term insurance is a typical pure form of a life insurance product. It provides the much needed financial protection in case of death of the insured, during the policy tenure. A term insurance plan is also one of the most affordable life insurance covers. It is essentially designed to financially protect family members in case of death of the sole bread-earner.

It also helps one’s family meet their financial needs from their household expenses to rentals in one’s absence. When one considers buying a term plan, one has to make an educated choice about the life cover selected. There are a lot of important things one need to keep in mind while deciding the term plan.

One of them would be the amount of cover, the amount that should help one’s family maintain their lifestyle. Inflation should also be kept in mind and lastly, it should take care of the existing liabilities if any. Like Home loans, Personal Loans or Car Loans etc preventing the worries of EMIs and/or repayments.


What is Term Insurance Plan?

A term insurance plan is again, the simplest form of financial protection. It’s simple as it can help one’s family meet its financial needs and there aren’t many fancy add-ons. A Term plan offers some peace of mind with very affordable premiums. Also, a life cover that we can choose depends on our family’s lifestyle and financial needs.

Some of these good term plans can also be bought online. With just a few clicks, and without any lengthy paperwork. You can check the life settlement calculator to know exact details.


Some of the Useful Features under a typical Term Insurance Plan:

  • A Term Life Insurance plan is the most Cost-Effective plan.
  • One has to Pay the Policy Premium Only Till Retirement
  • There is Flexibility to Receive Payout as Monthly Income. This is in Addition to the Lumpsum Amount
  • One can choose Riders to Make the Term Plan more Comprehensive
  • One can further Enhance/Increase the amount of cover at Major Life-Stages



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