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Soul Full Buckle Toddler Review

Baby-wearing is a comfortable, convenient and a natural way to bond with your child. Predominantly when most of us are in a nuclear family set up with less hands to care and a lot of responsibilities to handle that come along with having a baby. So, no doubts it is rage these days to wear your babies with all these carriers, slings and wrap in super adorable prints and fabrics.

Since I became a mom, one and a half years back I had been wearing Tuggu. Doctor’s visit, grocery shopping, running in and around the city, airports, metro, almost everywhere. Then he started walking, that’s the phase which is more about exploring and not being confined. So our babywearing was occasional. And once he outgrew his old carrier, we got one more reason and lost interest in wearing him. I really loved (still do) keeping my tiny human close to my heart.

My experience with Soul

I won’t lie when I say that I had this perception that babywearing is meant for teeny weeny “babies”. As the name suggested “baby”. So once I got to know about brands like Soul slings having carriers which can carry toddlers. I was super excited and jumped to get my hands on this beautiful carrier in print “Shine”. It is a linen full buckle carrier for toddlers. In fact, while placing the order I mailed then Tuggu’s height and weight to be sure of my selection and the Soul team happily guided me.

And then came our beautiful carrier folded nicely, wrapped in the cloth bag. And I must say I was sold then as there man. Love at first sight with the colour 😍. And we have been happily using it for the past one and half month and took it to our recent vacation. So, I feel it’s the right time and here is my detailed review of the carrier.


Soul Slings- Linen Full Buckle- Toddler review

  1. Perfect Fit and Comfort: I absolutely love the comfortable fit. It fits around my little one as a perfect snug and the well-defined M shape of the legs means that I was carrying him right, in an ergonomic position. Also, my husband is average built but I am on a heavier size (pregnancy weight still there you know) but the carrier fits us both pretty well and Tuggu also gets his comfortable space.
  1. Seat: This was my major concern while choosing the right carrier, with me an XL size, I wasn’t sure if Tuggu would get a decent space. But I loved that the carrier was generously sized and the wideness of the seat was super comfortable even while he slept.
  1. Quality: The quality of fabric and buckles are of good quality. The picture isn’t doing much justice to this gorgeous sheen. I was awestruck the moment I saw it on the website and was sure I would buy this only. Also, the fabric is super soft, breathable and light, a perfect combination for hot and humid climate of Mumbai. I really love that it is so light and thin takes so less of a space that I can roll it up and it easily fits into my handbag without adding much weight! Super cool, isn’t it??

Full Buckle Toddler

  1. Style quotient. I would rate Soul 100 out of 100 for their Style Quotient. All their carriers- slings, wraps, AnoonA, Full Buckles or even the accessories are so stylish and the colours are to die for. I really like the combination of the golden linen
  1. Easy to wear. It is super easy to wear active toddlers every time with a perfect fit. Or wear them out, either to put him down to bed if sleeping or bring him down to walk around. And since mine is hyperactive one, who won’t agree to be worn if not clicked and buckled soon.
  1. Carry Option. Only Front (facing inward) and Back carry options are possible with full buckle carrier. I personally prefer front carries any day. Since I find it cute to keep him close enough and pamper him with some kiss or cuddle. Also, I am no expert in a back carry. I tried it once though but the little one didn’t cooperate. I guess he got these vibes that mom was not comfortable. We will try it again and I shall keep you posted on the trials and errors and our experiences for sure 😉
  1. The comfort of nursing. I am a proud breastfeeding mom, who still burse his 1.5 year old on demand. Though I still try my stylish nursing wear, it’s not always feasible with an active toddler to stop by anywhere to feed. And no mom will like to keep the baby hungry and crying for feed (read throwing tantrums around and struggling to get hold of his milk). I love the fact it has that cute hood to allow discreet breastfeeding. It makes it so easy to feed him on the go. And that hood becomes a cute hang down once not using to cover.

Though I love my carrier to the core, I still think there could be a few things which could be worked on (read the greedy me, wants the best of both the worlds)

  • I would have loved if the carrier has a front (facing Out ) carry option. It will allow Tuggu to see what I see. So that he could be kept engaged for long looking out. As at times, it gets little difficult to keep toddlers confined.
  • Also, I would not mind having those small pockets for keys or phone. I don’t regret or mind a lot of its absence too as we always have a diaper bag along. But it could be a good option for a small walk/shopping etc.

Overall I am glad to choose Soul as our babywearing carrier (read toddler wearing in our case 😉)

I hope you would find this review useful and go ahead and to wear your baby you will never regret it! Do leave in your comments below if you have any questions or concerns, would be glad to address them.

Thanks for reading!


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