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Product Review : MoskitoSafe & Palm Safe

Well my Little Tuggu loves outdoor, the weather is also good that we can’t resist. But being a mom my major concern is these mosquitos and dangerous diseases borne by them.

I have tried few mosquito repellents which claims that they are safe for babies but frankly I am not fond of their stickiness and unpleasant strong smell. Recently I tried this amazing new @MoskitoSafe which is Alcohol and deet free, made from natural ingredients hence super safe for kids and their sensitive skin.

This natural mosquito repellent is available in a sleek spray bottle making it easier to carry and apply.

Another amazing product in this picture is @palmSafe. It is a foam based hand sanitizer which is alcohol-free and made from natural ingredients making it safe to use even for kids.

Don’t let your hands be at the mercy of germs or your body exposed to mosquitos. Try these products.
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Where to Buy:
You can but it online on from flipkart , amazondotin, safety kart  or a pharmacy near you.


  • This easy peasy spray is the perfect to carry and use.
  • the contact packaging is my perfect fit in diaper bag too.
  • Mild fragnance


  • The moskito safe formulation is very watery and hence you May have to spray often to be protected.

My verdict: 4/5 

Easily carry it in your sling bag, pocket and your outdoors are tension free.


PS: Please Note these products were sent to me free of cost to use and review but the opinions and review is my own experience. 

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