New Year Resolutions: What I say and what I actually do

New Year Resolutions

Gone with the wind – What I say and what I actually do when I make resolutions every year!

With New Year, one thing that everyone does apart from wishing everyone is revisiting old memories and making some New year resolutions.

This time of the year, everyone makes a promise or a commitment to self. A promise for doing something good with an objective to have a better life or future. So, while everyone just gets busy jotting down a huge list for the New Year, I prefer staying out. I’ve never been too much of a fan of making such huge resolutions. Resolutions, which probably I won’t be following anyway.

Why New Year Resolution is not for me?

Usually, I feel a little pressured to make a sudden and drastic change to my life. I am normally happy and settled in my own good or not so good life. And a sudden change feels as if I’m backed into a corner. That feeling of anxiety, excitement, to jump right in, or even they don’t know where to start often takes the front seat.

So, I prefer considering some short achievable goals and set a deadline. Frankly speaking, I set 2-3 deadlines considering the kind of person I am 😉. Not sure, if that is the case with you but that somehow works for me. And when ‘The Lazy Me’ gets over, the other deadlines seems workable.

My workable Short term Resolutions.

Coming back to my short achievable resolutions for next few months of say quarter of New Year 2019, is very simple. I prefer gaols for my family along with myself. Then only it would be a better life with my loved ones, Isn’t it?

To begin with, let me tell you that though most of them look like for my son, they are for my Motherhood Journey.

1. Complete weaning:

This would top my list here, as this is been pending for long. My breastfeeding Journey has been a lot interesting and I follow Baby led parenting here. We are down to just one nighttime breastfeeding, and I am sure we would be able to wean in the best possible gentle way soon. (Finger’s crossed)

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Few things in our life we always dream for, few things we plan for and a lot of things we wish. We wish and wish and wish for them to happen soon. . Well that's not how I wanted this year. So I planned my new year's day better. I tried to to all things (or say a little bit of them) which I plan for the year. . . It was a holiday and we are a total mess with our eating and napping timetables on a holiday. So first thing was to be on time.🕰 and maintain this for rest of the year . We played some games together and it was a no phone, quality time family time👪. Something I really want to happen this year. . Made Tuggu eat some fruits and vegetables without hiding them..ahh let's see how this goes 🤞🤞 . Took some time to pamper myself. 💃Well I feel post being a mom, I am the most neglected one (by myself) is the house. A lot more attention on myself, loose weight, be stress free and a bit of self care ❤ . I hated being a owl the whole last year (but that's the only time I can peacefully work 👩‍💻when everyone in the house is slept). So this new year's eve I slept on time.😴 . I took time to write some pieces, which I really wanted to for a long long time. 😍 . Most important one (though I believe that was sheer luck) Tuggu napped without being breastfed. Yay!! We are down to just 1 feed a day. It's been 4 days and he ain't demanding it for nap.🤩 Though it is taking a bit longer to put him to sleep. But I'm happy.👸 . . Do you too follow this belief for New Year's day? . . #NewYears #Resolution2019 #TimetoChange #myResolution #NewYearsResolution #TuggunMommy

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2. Zero Junk food:

Weight loss is another big milestone I wish to achieve. But with a few health issues, it is getting difficult. So, I am planning to go down with no junk food for this quarter and work on eating clean and healthy.

3. Dedicated Self-care:

Being a hands-on mom and a work-from-parent is tough. Along with that comes those tight deadlines and managing an active toddler. This is another battle in itself and between all these what I miss is getting pampered. A good long shower still looks like a luxury after two years of motherhood. So, I see myself doing some more parlour and spa rounds this quarter, 2019.


4. Good Night Sleep:

The year 2018 was not so good in terms of sleep for me. I was the one who worked, did a lot of readings, or catch up with various web-series online at night.

5. Learn something new-

This is something I plan every time I make some goals. I believe learning something new keeps me away from boredom and alive. Something new in terms of an art form, any new app, some interesting baking recipes to help discover myself better.

Well, complete weaning and weight loss are spillovers from my resolutions for December 2018. I made these for my son’s second birthday. There were few other resolutions as well, check them here in my Instagram post.

Before you start judging me here, let me clarify I have achieved a few and so proud of myself for them. It’s been more than a week since I made these resolutions, and I am already working hard on them. I am sure this time I will achieve all 5.

While these were mine, would love to hear your New Year Resolutions, or Goals.


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  1. I feel each new mommy or mommy is special is so is her powers or resolution she’s capable to take care of almost everything around and fix things. No one will ever judge a mom she’s always the best. I loved the simplicity of this post and your resolutions.
    #vigorousreads #blogtrain #NYR2019 #Newyear_bloghop

  2. I am not too sure about the ‘zero junk food’ one, but I have no doubts about you ticking the boxes on the other resolutions 🙂 Go for it! Have an awesome 2019, as you do!:)

  3. Love to tuggu
    All power to you girl. I would refer your blogs to some mommy friends on how to wean off completely..gradually. no junk food is indeed a must but little indulgence adds to the spice of life

  4. Learning something new and a good night sleep – I can so relate with you. Short term goals are a great motivation to give us strength to achieve what we want. I wish you achieve all your goals!! Good luck!!

  5. Best of luck that you get success in your path of resolutions 2019.

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