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Why I signed up for #MyFriendAlexa with Blogchatter?

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Have you heard about #MyFriendAlexa (Season 3.0). It is a month long campaign by Blogchatter, starting September 01, 2018. This Blogging Chanllenge intends to help us blog better. It is the world’s second and India’s first campaign based on Alexa rank and associated tools.

What’s Alexa rankings?

Alexa ranking is the ranking of your website in various search engines.  It is a measure of how a website is doing relative to all other sites available on the web over the past 3 months. This rank is calculated using a methodology that combines a site’s estimated average of daily unique visitors. Also its estimated number of pageviews over the past 3 months.

Why I chose #MyFriendAlexa as my first ever blogging contest?

After micro Blogging and documenting my motherhood experience for a while on closed Facebook and Instagram page. I finally started blogging a year back exactly in Spetember 2017. And what better way to celebrate my FIRST blog writing birthday with #MyFriendAlexa. I feel taking part in this campaign connect me back to my main goal. The goal of extensive writing, connecting and sharing experience.

Since my initial pregnancy and later motherhood days, I used to google a lot about each and every minor observation. Also wanted to share my experience and learning to all the first time moms like me. But as it always came up with loads of excuses to not write frequently, so for people like me who require that much need kick, this is the perfect platform.

What is to be done in #MyFriendAlexa?

In words by #Blogchatter, all the participants have to be ready for

  1. Writing 8 blog posts (spread across the 4 weeks)- Ready
  2. Daily reading ( lots and lots of reading) – Ready, it will be fun
  3. Networking, discovering new blogs – Yay! That will be a pleasure
  4. Pain, sweat and blood- Ahh!! Let’s Do it!

What I expect from #MyFriendAlexa?

This is my first ever blogging Challengewith BlogChatter and I am too excited to be a part of it. I am being super duper optimistic and with my first ever Blogging Challenge I look forward to many goals:

  • A better Alexa ranking, with each blog I shall document my Alexa Ranking and will see if the magic happens 😊 Hopeful much
  • Lots of reading, as promised by Blogchatter – It seems like ages, I haven’t read much, surely looking forward for this one.
  • Meet like minded bloggers– Opportunity to (virtually) meet interesting like minded bloggers or writers and gaining lots of learning
  • Habitual change– Getting in habit of regular reading and writing and improving my skills (fingers crossed 😉)

So, my next calendar month (September 2018) is going to be just more than generating good content for my blog and working to improve my DA and PA. It would surely be about building my blog and taking it to greater height with BlogChatter as I am ready to take part in season 3.0 of My Friend Alexa.

Are you ?

Simply fill in the form below if interested and let’s do it together…

See you there

Gunjan <3

My Friend Alexa – the god of blogging – returns with Season 3

18 thoughts on “Why I signed up for #MyFriendAlexa with Blogchatter?

  1. A good post. I’m also hoping for a habitual change… so that i can network more with bloggers and stay in touch. Just reading blogs would surely make me want to write too… so it all connects. hehe

  2. #MyFriendAlexa seems to be a very famous campaign among the bloggers. I just heard about it few weeks before the launch, and luckily got myself registered. It is true that the view counts increases on your blogs. me too participating for first time. Good luck and wishes to you.

  3. I have been looking for challenges like these to improve productivity and motivation. They are fun too and help to contact with some great Bloggers. Do share details of how to join, would love to participate.

    1. Please refer the form link at the end of the post. You still have time in case you want to take it up!!

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