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Colic 101: Baby’s Got Colic and this is how you can cope

We expect new-born babies to cry, that’s the only way of communication for them. But there could be times when an otherwise healthy baby cry lot more than others, especially during evenings. The cries can be excessively intense and inconsolable for no apparent reason. They are neither sick, hungry or wet, nor are they tired. But they are inexplicably restless and in pain, due to colic. It’s better to understand reasons to identify and tips on how to soothe colic in babies.

How to identify if you have a colicky baby?

You can tell if your baby is colicky if there are Inconsolable intense crying episodes, occurring around the same time every day. Whether the baby’s crying is “average” or “excessive”, you may tell with your mother’s instinct. But paediatricians worldwide, use the “rule of threes” to determine colic.

  1. Crying bouts that start when the baby is about 3-weeks
  2. The crying if lasting for more than 3-hours a day,
  3. for more than 3-days a week, and more than 3-weeks in a row.

Colic cries are usually late in the day, though they can occur at any time of the day. It typically peaks around 6 to 8 weeks and subsides around the baby 3 to 4 months. Do not worry if you have identified it well, it is generally easy to soothe a colicky baby

How to soothe colic in babies

What Causes Colic in babies?

The exact reason for Colic is unknown, and that’s why there is no clear way to help it. But still, some theories of a possible reason behind it include:

  • Child’s growing digestive system
  • possibility of Gas
  • Inhaling air with bottle-fed
  • mother’s diet if breastfed
  • any possible allergy
  • Indigestion or Tummy Pain

Being a colicky baby doesn’t mean that your baby is sick or has some belly pain. Colic is not a disease, it’s such a situation and its very subjective. Hence do medicines are suggested for colic, though there are natural ways to help soothe a colicky baby. If you are still finding it hard to cope, talk to your doctor or paediatrician for a complete check-up.


Easy tips to Soothe Colic in Babies

1.    Feeding them Right-

For Breastfeeding moms.- If you are a breastfeeding mom, take proper care of your diet. Certain food items in your diet may cause possible allergies to your baby. Keep a check on your diet and your baby’s behaviour, if you feel certain food may be causing it. Try avoiding tea, coffee, spicy foods, and alcohol. Eating simple and healthy food which is easy to digest is good for both you and your child.

For Bottle-feeding moms.- Help your child swallow less air with specially designed milk bottles. These bottles have a nipple with a smaller hole this helps release the excess air. Also maintaining a good feeding posture may help. Sit-up your child while he eats so that he swallows less air.

2.    Never miss the Burp!

Make sure you burp your baby after a feed. Sit the baby upright/hold him against your shoulder with his neck and head supported and rub his back. Burping the baby helps release the excess air from their tummy. Always burp a baby while changing sides during breastfeeding or a break during the feedings. Even if your baby eats from a bottle, taking small breaks and burping helps. 

Also use the age-appropriate bottle nipples, ensuring they are not too big or small. As they may get more air while eating and it may cause tummy pain.

3.    Walk or rock. 

Walking or rocking motion helps to calm babies. You may walk around in your house with your baby in a baby carrier. You may also rock the baby to calm him down. The warmth and the rhythm generally lull the baby to sleep

4.    Gently Massage ‘ILU’

All babies love massage. It helps soothe tired babies and promote growth. Also gently massing their stomach help release the gas and help ease their tummy pain. Massaging in letters I, L and U from chest to lower abdomen direction help soothe the colicky babies. You may also try gentle exercising by folding his legs and moving them like cycling paddles. These are also known to ease our any tummy discomfort.

5.  Swaddling

Swaddling young babies give them the required warmth and comfort of a mother’s womb. Wrapping your baby snugly in a soft cotton or muslin blanket helps him have a good sleep.

6.   Try natural ways to soothe tummy pain

Hing (Asafoetida) and Sauf (Fennel)are known to ease out the tummy pain. I used to eat hing and sauf in and after my meals myself as I was Breastfeeding my son. My mom also suggested that I mix a pinch of Hing and mix it well in a few drops of breastmilk or lukewarm sterilised water to form a paste. Applying it around his navel had always helped him in gastric or tummy pain

On the same concept, Mother Sparsh has developed a 100% Ayurvedic Tummy Roll On with Hing and Sauf oil, to treat and soothe colic and indigestion in babies.

How to soothe a colicky baby
Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll-On

Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll-On is an effective Ayurvedic solution to ease Colic, Indigestion and Constipation in for babies.

This tummy roll-on is made up of a combination of 5 oils which aids in better digestion. It also eases out tummy discomfort in babies caused due to gas, acidity or indigestion.

  • Hing Oil – With its antiseptic and antibacterial properties helps reduce acid reflux and constipation
  • Fennel or Saunf Oil- has known anti-colic properties, which help to reduce stomach bloating, gas.
  • Pudina Oil, Sonth Oil, and Sova Oil- All these oils are also known to aid digestion.

Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll On comes in a convenient roll-on bottle which has an easy and mess-free application. We can use it to easily apply it around the navel area of our baby in case of any tummy pain. Since it is 100% Ayurvedic and free from chemicals, toxins and preservatives it is safe for the delicate skin of young babies. Along with that, there are fewer chances of any skin rash or skin issues. This makes it ideal to soothe young babies for colic or indigestion pain. 

How to soothe a colicky baby
MotherSparsh Infant care kit

You should ideally check this infant care kit which has Mother Sparsh 98% water wipes and the Tummy roll-on is available free with the pack. You can easily buy it from their Website ( or Amazon  (

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