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The #SuperFoodforHealthyYou today is the highly nutritious Beetroot. Though some people think It tastes like dirt while others appreciate the unique earthy taste. But beets, my friend is really hard to beat when it comes to the nutrition content. So, if you’re among the ones hating it, it’s time to rethink and work on your relationship with this root vegetable. If you are looking for something easily available yet nutritious- beetroot is your solution. It is indeed a highly nutritious SuperFood and totally worth including in your diet. Keep reading to know more about this Superfood and some drool-worthy recipes.

Honestly speaking, I too gave it a tacky look during my childhood and remember hiding when beetroot was on the menu, like literally. And then, I discovered my love for them when I conceived and started to eat healthily. Later I tried a lot of recipes to include it in our diet. and make yummy beetroot dishes. Once Tuggu started solids, I  started to include Beetroot Khichdi in his diet and he loved it.


But why Beetroot is so healthful?

Like most of the other dark coloured foods, beetroots too are loaded with antioxidants. It contains potassium, vitamin A, iron, along with many other nutrients, and are low in calories. Betaine one of the nutrient in beetroot protects our body from environmental stress, as well as help fight inflammation and lower blood pressure too!

To sum up, it not only boosts immunity but also provide nutrients that you won’t even get from spinach, kale or broccoli. I am keeping it short on its benefits as my aim is to help get these Superfoods in our daily diet. if you still wish to know more, read it here. 


How to get more of this beets into our diet

Some simple and easy ways to add the goodness of beetroot could be by way of

  1. Juice. Just add beet juice to other juiced vegetables, such as spinach, kale or cucumber and enjoy the beautiful colour and taste.
  2. Pureed. Blend beet and add the pink puree to chapati, puris, soup, we even love the lovely pink dosas with beet
  3. Grate. Grated beet tastes amazing in vegetable pulavs or biryanis
  4. Powdered. Powdered dried beets or beetroot powder is also available in departmental stores. It just gives the convenience of grating or blending. you can easily add it and hide it in kids food.


Some creative recipes to add Beetroot into your family’s diet


1. Gut-friendly Beetroot Kanji: A fermented Probiotic drink

Kanji is a very popular fermented beetroot drink of North India. It is made from red carrots and beetroots. Traditionally the black carrots are used which gives it a distinct flavour and colour. 

highly nutritious Beetroot Kanji, a Gut friendly, probiotic drink
Beetroot Carrot Kanji

Quick recipe: Cut long thin slices of carrots and beetroot in a glass or ceramic jar. Add coarsely grounded Rai, rock salt and mirch powder and fill it with water till the rim. Stir well and keep it in sun for 3-4 days. Once it tastes sour, it is ready to be served. You may check the detailed recipe here.


2. Chocolate fudgy Beetroot brownies


Who doesn’t love brownies, we love it, even more, when we know is healthy. Fudgy Dark Chocolate Beet Brownies are amazingly tasty, incredibly moist and chocolatey! And guess what they are super easy to make and will be a hit for any brownie lover.

Chocolate-Beetroot-Brownies-highly nutritious Beetroot
Chocolate Beetroot Brownies

Quick Recipe. Check my previous post on healthy and chocolaty brownies, I just add half a cup of pureed or grated Beetroot. Beets and brownies are great buddies, just try it once and you won’t regret. In fact, you may want to try Beetroot Cakes or Cookies too. Go ahead and check them too.

3. Beetroot Spread/Chutney or dip

A few years back, a south Indian colleague in my office, introduced me to the concept of vegetable chutney’s or dips. And I tried various forms of it. One of the interesting and my absolute favourite is one made with the highly nutritious Beetroot.

Quick Recipe. Grate beetroot and keep aside. In a pan make a tadka with rai, chana dal, urad dal, some curry leaves and cook the grated beet till the raw aroma goes. cool it and blend. Enjoy with dosa, idli or as a spread on bread, it tastes super yum. If you want a detailed recipe check it here.


This is my entry for letter ‘B’ Blogchatter #a2zChallenge. Stay tuned while I share some interesting #SuperFoodforHealthyYou each day in this month. You may like to read my previous Superfood with letter ‘A’ here. Do visit here tomorrow for next Superfood with letter ‘C’.

Thank you for reading! Do share in your comments if you like the post, recipes or have any interesting fact to share about this highly nutritious Beetroot.

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  4. I love kanji. Beetroot brownie is something new. I make beetroot paratha and aaloo tikki. Thanks for sharing interesting recipes.

  5. I make beetroot parathas for my son and he gets excited with the color. It’s a great superfood actually

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