Sometimes a child is so fearful that it interferes with their daily life and play.  and the best possible way for helping kids to talk about their Anxiety and Fear is by seeking professional help. If you consider your child particularly burdened with fears or phobias seeking professional help can definitely help. With their professional ways, children can be taught how to manage their own anxiety, and parents can also learn helping strategies.

Where you can get help

  • Your doctor
  • Childline 1098
  • Reach out Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India,
  • National Helpline 1075 (toll-free) or 011-23978046
  • You can also write to or
  • Read more information by UNICEF here.

Things to remember

  • Sometimes children feel afraid of situations or objects that an adult doesn’t find threatening.
  • Making fun of or teasing the child or forcing them to confront their fears may make things worse.
  • You can be helping kids to talk about their anxiety and fear when they take their fears seriously and are encouraged to talk about their feelings often.
Kids talk about their fear and anxieties
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