Nutty Nuts: Right way to add them in your day

healthy way to consume the nuts and dry fruits

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Whenever we hear nuts, the first thing that comes in mind is those beautiful boxes that arrive every year during festivities from family and friends. Isn’t it? Well, they make a better health choice than those calorie-laden sweets. A big thanks to winters when we just love hogging on nuts as they give the much-needed warmth and keep you full. But somehow, I get bored of munching these healthy nuts. So this year post-Diwali, I am always trying to find a good and healthy way to consume the nuts and dry fruits and various other nuts that arrive at our place. Moreover, it is a task to eat such healthy yet warm food in summers.

If you had followed my Instagram stories recently you must have seen how tried making some healthy rawa (suji) cakes, chocolate brownies and cookies (with Wheat flour and ragi). They are my first choice after those Dry fruit ladoos and barfis. But recently Tuggu started liking the Hersheys Chocolate syrup, so I even tried making Chocolates with loads of nuts too. It was my easy endeavour to add more nuts in our summer diet.


The healthy choice- Nuts

Nuts are extremely beneficial for us, they contain a wide variety of health benefits including their ability to balance our cholesterol levels, increase the heart health and reduce blood pressure. There are a variety of nuts available today. The healthy choice to consume the nuts and dry fruits would be having a mixed portion of various nuts. With everything going online,  the best part is that most of the nuts are easily available everywhere. You may read this informative post by Epicurious to know more about the types of nuts.  

It is said that dieters and Health conscious ones, who eat nuts daily tend to stick to their diets. Just because the fibre and fat content of these nuts keeps you full for longer. As a result, they aren’t as hungry and they ultimately eat less.


Portion Control is the key

While there are so many health benefits, still dieters have avoided nuts because of their high-fat content. Nuts are considered health food, but that does not mean it has a license to overindulge. The key for including the great taste and health of nuts in our diet without overdoing is portion control.

Whenever we add nuts to our diet, we are adding calories along with its health benefits. So it gets important to decrease calories from other sources. a healthy way to consume the nuts and dry fruits are important, it just helps in avoiding weight gain.


Important – Add nuts the right way

We all know their importance, but still, we need to be smart while adding nuts in our daily diet. A brownie full of walnuts isn’t the right way to go about it if you want to eat lose weight or eat nuts for their health benefits.

Here are seven easy and smart ways to consume nuts and dry fruits. Add them to your day and reap the maximum benefits of their healthy fats :

  1. Nothing beats the goodness of munching them straight from the pack.
  2. Make yummy Peanut butter, Almond butter and enjoy 1 tsp on a toast or roti
  3. Nuts can also be used to make vegan milk. (Check my Almond milk recipes in my previous post and try that Mango Almond milk smoothie.) I am sure you would enjoy the refreshing taste.
  4. Also, try blending a few in your breakfast milkshakes to power up your mornings. I often add a pinch of dry fruit powder or paste in Tuggu’s milk. it is very refreshing and taste
  5. Add a finely chopped variety of nuts in your ice- creams, yoghurt smoothies or lassis and keep your health during the day.
  6. Mix and make a trail pack with mixed nuts and dried berries.
  7. Some interesting munching snack could be made by roasting them a little along with rock salt and a pinch of pepper. Refer my fox nut/makhana recipes and innovate as per your taste.


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