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Easy Easter egg craft Ideas for kids

As we all are  Staying at home and some are even working from Home. This home quarantine situation is getting difficult for kids, with no outside play. Its been 2 weeks of lockdown here and I’m in awe of how all moms keep their children engaged and active indoors.  Since  I am terrible when it comes to craft, I often resort back to baking, reading or playing board games with my son. But this lockdown, we have picked up those crayons, glitter and glue to let our creativity shine. Today’s letter for #BlogchatterA2Z challenge is E and the activity for today is Easter egg craft ideas. 

These ideas are very simple and can be tried as other projects too. So these simple yet fun Easter egg craft ideas can be used to make any other cartoon character or superhero for older kids.


  1. Easter egg craft Ideas with Potato- Stamping

All Preschoolers and toddlers enjoy stamping and such Easter egg potato stamps is a great way for them to express creativity. For creating such a set-up for Easter egg potato stamping activity all you need is some potatoes and colours.

Materials required

  • Oval potatoes
  • Some colours
  • Papers

Easter Egg craft ideas for kids


Take a couple of oval potatoes and cut them into half. With the help of a sharp knife, draw some lines or patterns. Let your child apply some colour on each pattern and stamp it on a paper.


  1. Easter egg craft ideas with Cardboard- wall hanging

Toddlers and preschoolers love to paint. Simply make a couple of cut-outs in egg shapes and let them paint their own Easter egg craft.

Materials required

  • Old cardboard pieces
  • Some colours
  • Glitter pens (optional)
  • googly eyes, some coloured paper strips etc for decoration
  • recycle trashes from our craft ideas
Easter Egg craft ideas for kids
Easter Egg craft ideas for decoration


Using an egg shape stencil, cut out a few cardboard pieces. Help your child draw some lines or patterns and let them paint it as per their wish. Add some borders with glitter pens. Later you can make a hole and put them in a string. Hang it on a wall or fridge! We got inspired to make these from the best ideas for kids where they tried it with salt dough.

wall hanging, Easter Egg craft ideas

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E is Easter Egg Crafts for Kids

Hope you like these 2 activities, stay tuned and keep checking this space for tomorrow for letter F- any guess what it shall be?

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