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How to make your diaper changes less messy with diaper changing mat

When you become a mom, the one thing you end up doing the most in public, apart from breastfeeding, is changing diapers. And mind you, babies just have the perfect timing. They may not give you enough time to find a clean place. So, when it’s time for a diaper change, you would like to have a good hygienic surface to lay your baby down. All these hassles could be easily solved with a disposable diaper changing mat. 

If you are looking to buy one, but feel confused as to what you should be looking for, this is article is for you. 

Always understand your needs and consider the pros and cons while choosing the perfect diaper changing mat for you. You may want to use one which is washable at home but while travelling, a disposable changing mat would be better. It would not only be easy to carry but it would be your hassle-free hygienic travel companion.

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Is a Changing Mat Necessary?

Yes, if you are a new mom and want to have some sanity in your life. A changing mat is necessary. In fact, I had a dedicated corner in my home for changing diapers. It had a changing mat and box of baby wipes, dusting powder, diaper rash cream and everything else you might need, within reach. Along with some toys to keep my little one engaged, while I handle his mess. 

The only problem was during travelling. Those changing stations in shopping malls or airport restrooms always look like they haven’t been cleaned in years. And this made me want to douse my baby’s whole body with hand sanitizer. There were times when we had to walk outside to our car and change the diaper in the back seat. During these moments, I always kept my fingers crossed, praying that the seat wouldn’t get soiled. Then I got introduced to a concept of Teddyy — easy-to-carry, disposable, diaper changing mats.

These convenient diaper changing mats will save your duvets from huge stains, bad smell and remove the hassles of changing and washing everything. I am sure a new mom would rather like to get a little more sleep than spend her time washing and cleaning. 


How to find the right diaper changing mat?

Here’s what you need to consider while buying the right changing mat for you.

  • Easy to carry: A Diaper bag already has enough things in it, so a lightweight diaper changing mat, which folds easily would be a great help. 
  • Size: A generous size to keep the mess in place, even if the child rolls over. Also, if you have a crib, cot or a stroller, check their size as well. As these mats can be used as extra protection for your cot mattresses
  • Better absorbency: Babies love to give us an extra surprise, and often they pee just after you change. And a waterproof and quick absorbent mat would help you avoid those puddles. 

Why I need a disposable diaper changing mat?

Our diaper bags carry just about everything we might need for our baby. Therefore, we end up having diaper bags that are very heavy, straining our back and shoulders. A disposable diaper mat is just one of the ways you can lighten up your load. Let me share my personal experience on the changing mat I am currently using.

TEDDYY changing mat
TEDDYY changing mat

teddyy disposable diaper changing mat review











Teddyy’s Disposable Diaper Changing Mat

These disposable diaper changing pads from Teddyy are not only convenient and easy to carry, but also spill-proof. There is a waterproof lining at the back which prevents it from soaking through and messing the sheets underneath. Another useful feature of these disposable diaper pads is that they are extra soft on your baby’s bottom and the criss-cross design which stops the leakage and makes it highly absorbent. These changing mats also have a gel technology that keeps the liquid in and an anti-bacterial cover which protects the odour and decreases the chances of getting an infection. 

The most convenient feature is that you can trash it once it’s soiled, and you don’t have to put it back in your diaper bag. It can also help you protect your clothes while you’re carrying your baby in your arms.


teddyy disposable changing mat review teddyy changing mat review










My Secret with Teddyy Changing Mats

While most people will tell you these features, let me share with you my secret. These diaper mats are making my life easier now, even when I am potty training my child.

I am using them at nighttime and this changing mat acts offer night-long protection. It saves my sheets and mattress, in case of an accident, reducing the hassle of cleaning for me. 

Apart from diaper changes, these spill-proof disposable diaper changing mats are useful in multiple ways.

  • as a protective layer when the baby is in the cradle, 
  • while travelling in car or 
  • while carrying in arms, 
  • on the floor during the diaper-free time or
  • while giving the baby an oil massage 

I highly recommend every mom and dad to try these diaper changing mats and make their diaper changing time fun and worry-free. 

It is indeed a product which all new moms would swear by!

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  • will share your post with my SIL, she is a new mom and these will really come handy to her.

  • Smita Pal

    Very nice and informative post for first time moms. I would surely suggest Teddy diaper changing mats to my new mommy friends

  • Diaper changing mats are saviour for mothers to keep diaper changing less messy.

  • Wow how i wish i would have this disposable mat earlier. Though we used the thick cloth sheets my mom made. but yes cleaning them in case they get messy was a pain.

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  • jhilmildsaha

    A disposable changing mat is very necessary specially while travelling with babies. I wish I was aware of this when my daughter was on diapers.

  • I agree diaper mats are a good idea to avoid the mess. I will share this with my cousin sister. She is expecting the first time. This will be useful for her.

  • A very useful post for new moms and dads buddy, I wish I had such clear information some years back

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  • We used to use something similar called a molly sheet which helped in changing anywhere.

  • Hey, even I recently started using Teddy Diaper changing mats and trust me it has been so easy to change her while travelling. Also when you visit someone you need not carry that smelly mat everywhere.

  • judy morris

    Disposal diaper changing mat is a such a blessing indeed it wwill be really helpful for new parents

  • Your post reminded me of the new mom days. A changing mat was a must in my bag. Infact I used to keep two for my twins. It was one diaper bag essential along with diapers and wipes.

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  • a diaper changing mat will keep the place clean and germ free, i used one with cushioned and non wet features so it was used even when i toilet trained my kid.

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    This is new to me. I will pass this information to my sister for her little kid.


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