Recently there has been new rules in place that require us to inform you that we might be compensated or given free product from brands. This compensation in cash or kind could be for content on this blog through reviews, affiliate links etc.

Here are some of the ways Tuggu n Mommy may be compensated for content.

  • Affiliate Programs. : Our blog site, TugguNMommy.com is a member of the Amazon Associates Program.  We are also a member of few other individual affiliate programs. This means that, if you purchase an item from a link we provide on our blog, we will receive a commission. but this would not mean that you would be charged extra for that. Also, we only promote products that we personally use and love and can recommend without hesitation.
  • Ads . : This blog site also accepts forms of sponsorship and cash advertising through banners and links.
  • Reviews : Occasionally we participate in product reviews too.  We always recommend only those products we actually like or use.  Usually, we receive a free sample product for trial and review.  Sometimes we also get compensated monetarily.
  • Giveaways : At times, brands might send us some free products to giveaway to our readers as well. Or they may send it directly to you.  

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Thank you so much for your love and support!

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-Tuggu and Mommy (Gunjan )