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Did you know Happinetz can block sites on Chrome 24/7?

The Internet is a wonderful world with tons of educational content. However, sometimes there’s inappropriate content too. There is a high chance that when your children explore the internet, they might come across some inappropriate sites, images and abusive or violent content. Such explicit content may distress or worry them. Hence it’s crucial to have an open discussion with your child and explain to them about basic internet safety. At the same time, having an effective parental control measure to help manage screen time, filter inappropriate content and block sites on Chrome 24/7 is also a necessity. These simple parental control measures can definitely help in keeping the ‘world of the internet’ safe for them.

How can we make internet safe for kids? Block sites on chrome 24/7

Do you too feel that the internet is an important yet tricky medium?


Do you feel the need to safeguard your child from all the malicious and adult content available over the World Wide Web?

If yes, then keep reading. I have shared my experiences of all possible ways you can implement a parental control measure for blocking unwanted sites and spam, along with a detailed review of how Happinetz has effortlessly helped me block sites on Chrome 24/7.

How can I make the internet safe for kids?

To keep the internet safe for your children, you can adjust the privacy setting or use parental control filters to block sites on Chrome 24/7. Setting up such filters on the devices that your children frequently use is a good way to keep them safe from seeing any age-inappropriate content—especially for younger children. There are basically three ways to have parental control filters on your child’s device-


  • Built-in settings in your device,
  • Software (installing applications) and
  • Hardware (monitoring through routers).



1. Device Built-in Parental Control features to block sites

Nowadays most renowned mobile phones have built-in parental control features that allow you to block websites and apps. For starters, you may choose to ‘Turn on’ these parental control features in your device to block sites on Chrome 24/7 or have parental controls installed on your devices.

  • On your Android devices– go to settings, click on “Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls,” select “Parental Controls,” and turn it on. You can also customize these filters and add apps to the “Blocked Apps” list.
  • On iOS devices– go to settings, click on “Screen Time,” select “Content & Privacy Restrictions,” and turn it on. You can also limit adult content and add apps to the “Always Allowed” or “Never Allowed” list.

These built-in settings in your device can be a good starting point and offer a basic level of blocking and filtration. But in no way, is it an extensive parental control measure. Apart from the tedium of putting these settings on every device, the chances of children circumnavigating the settings parents set are high.

If you need advanced features and more control over what your child can access online, you can use third-party parental control software to block certain age-inappropriate sites.

                      Safe Internet for kids with Parental Control measures is easy.

2. How does Parental control SOFTWARES work?

Parental control software and filters are essentially apps or applications that need to be installed on the child’s devices. This Parental control software gives parents a lot of control over what their kids are watching or browsing online. These help you limit access to any inappropriate adult content on devices at home.

Currently, there are many choices available – both paid and free. These applications offer enhanced features like blocking certain sites on Chrome 24/7, apps or social media. Besides keyword filtering, activity monitoring, and real-time alerts. You may explore the options based on your needs and family budget.

Cons of Parental Control Software

I have used child safety and monitoring software and sensed that there is no filter that could be 100% effective.

  • As the number of websites keeps growing exponentially, it is still possible that something might get past these filters.
  • A substantial drawback is that it is easy for (tech-friendly or not) kids to “turn off” these filters or remove the application without the parents knowing.
  • Moreover, these applications are often device-specific, one would need apps for each device a child has access to, which would of course not be budget-friendly to maintain.

That’s why it is vital to have age-appropriate conversations with your children and find a better parental control measure that is easy, fuss-free, sustainable, effective, budget-friendly and customisable to your child’s unique needs. This is why a parental control hardware device seems like a suitable option.

3. How does Parental control HARDWARE work?

A parental control hardware is basically a router that lets you monitor every device connected to your Wi-Fi network in your home. Just like the parental control software, they include paid subscriptions to block sites on Chrome 24/7. Here you don’t need to install apps on every single device available to your children. It’s a network-based tool to take care of monitoring, across multiple devices and the traffic (websites or apps) that’s being accessed on that specific internet line.

However, this also means that the device isn’t covered when they connect to other internet networks, like mobile data or Wi-Fi at a friend’s house or in the public domain.


Why is it better to invest in a good parental control system like Happinetz?

During my research for an effective and affordable parenting control solution, I stumbled upon this revolutionary parental control filter – Happinetz.

There are more than 110 million websites and apps worldwide that are being monitored and tracked by the Happinetz System and over 22 million adult and unsecured websites and apps are blocked by default. Except for Adult and Security which are mandatorily switched off and Safe Search which is always switched on, the system is highly customisable based on your personal requirements.

Happinetz has a Hassle-free device setup

The Happinetz Box gets connected to your existing modem or router. An application needs to be installed on the parent’s device to connect all the devices at home and set device limits and screen times. There is no need to change your Wi-Fi connection or password, just add the kids’ devices to the Happinetz network.

Pros of using Happinetz

  • Unlike existing parenting control measures, Happinetz works on all browsers including incognito mode and blocks all inappropriate adult and unsecured sites.
  • Happinetz is device-agnostic and works on all devices including Smart TVs, laptops, tablets and phones. You can connect up to 10 devices.
  • There is no app installation required on kids’ devices. A single monitoring app on the parent’s device is all it takes to set up, track and limit screen time for all devices in one place.
  • The Happinetz app has 3 custom filter modes- Kid, Teen and Parent to make sure you choose the right mode and internet schedule for your children’s devices.
  • Provides detailed insights and overview of your child’s internet activities on all devices that help parents monitor which websites and/or apps children are opening.

After extensively using Happinetz, for over a month now, I can say that this is everything we parents need to make the internet safe for our kids. From quick and easy installation to smooth monitoring, this is indeed a stress-free parental control measure. Happinetz is one such customisable solution that protects your child’s privacy while it effectively helps to block sites on Chrome 24/7 providing safe internet to your children always.

If you are concerned about your child’s online safety and looking for options to effectively block sites on Chrome 24/7, you should definitely consider checking Happinetz. But not only that, Happinetz works on all browsers and all kinds of devices so it is a one-stop solution for all your parental control filter needs.


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**** This is a SPONSORED blog and a part of the Public Awareness campaign by Happinetz India. The Post is meant to share my experience and quick guide for every parent to help provide a safe internet experience for their child by filtering our unwanted spam and block sites on Chrome 24/7.

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